Dec 08
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Heart pounding, mouth dry, I walk in along with 2 others to face my doom.
I feel the eyes of the judges on me looking me up and down. 
I hear it, I freeze, then something happens, the moves come out of me. 
I feel me lips turn to a smile. I walk away out of breath, shaking.
My mind wanders for hours waiting for the news. 
I sit hands shaking, tapping the letters into the screen.
My eyes are immediately flash to the numbers.
There it is, 11.
Its under the lowest group. 
I feel the water well up in my eyes.

I search my things in hopes I kept it, and their it is.
The magic price of paper with two numbers printed on it
My heart pounds,
frantically searching the screen for the number 
I find it 
12 under the highest group. 
A tingly feeling rushes through my bones, 
I made it. 
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