Dec 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Never

Loved One's Passed

After an enchanting fall day

She will soon go her own way

Held by her father who’s ever so loving

…She never saw it coming…

The only thing that they could see was blinding light

That was the last of her father, right then, that night

…She never saw it coming…

They both never saw the car progressing

Windshield splintering, and brakes protesting

She was only a daughter of her dearest father

Now she feels like a fish in a body of water

…She had never saw it coming…

The only thing that she could see was people wearing black

This was the only thing she would want to turn back

How sad it would be to go to your father’s burying

The sad burden that the pallbearers are carrying

Kneeling next to the head stone for her father

Dripping tears, as things go, she was his daughter

She wished she had a shirt, hat, smell, a physical reminder

A memento of one she will love forever

…She never saw it coming…

Thinking of things that she could have done to bring him back

Like a runaway train that’s lost its’ track

She will have to move on, without the one she loves

And talk to the heavens where he’d risen above
About the Author: ethan.monmaney-utton