Dec 20
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It only takes one idea, one second, one moment in time to change everything forever
I can’t believe that I’m here, that I’m doing this, I can’t believe what I’ve done
I don’t understand how someone can cause so much pain, I don’t understand how I am the cause of such unforgettable, unforgiveable pain
 The way that they look at me, it tears me apart inside, but I know I deserve it, I deserve their looks of resentment and revulsion
I see their families and sweethearts, they have each other, or at least someone…
I now have no one, they have all left me, walked out of my life, not that I deserved anyone, not after what I did
I have no escape from the guilt, blame, remorse
The faces of my victims blur into the faces of strangers
Guilt, my guilt, it’s everywhere
Everywhere that I go I see reminders, of my guilt, of what I did, of what happened
They haunt me, they are my shadow, they follow me ceaselessly
It’s daunting how a simple action, choice or even emotion can change so much, and have such significance on…everything
If I could go back and change what I did, I would jump at the chance, but I know that will never be a possibility
I know that I will have to carry the weight of what I did, knowing that there’s nothing that I can do to bring them back 
It was one shortsighted night, one senseless act
 I forgot about the rules for once and just lived, but look where that’s gotten me… alone and remorseful
The utter power that humans have to devastate one another is astounding
The human life is made up of choices, up or down, in or out, fight or flight. Live or die? That’s the most important choice of all… and it’s not always up to us
One idea, one second, one moment in time, it changed everything… 

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