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About Young Writers Project

Since its founding in 2006 with generous support from the Vermont Business Roundtable, Young Writers Project has provided professional development and support to over 2,000 educators to help make their jobs easier, more fun and more effective. From Master's-level professional development courses to teacher workshops, learning management systems to in-class residencies, YWP has been helping and learning for over 10 years. YWP has developed a slate of services and resources to offer you in your classroom -- most are free.

Young Writers Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youths build the confidence and communication skills needed to succeed in school, college, the workplace and beyond. Our work is rooted in a diverse online community -- youngwritersproject.org -- an environment defined by respect, quality and innovation where young people learn from their differences and gain skills from peers, mentors and experts.
Diversity and Inclusion

Young Writers Project seeks to make its organization and all its programs welcoming and safe to all youths. Through a diverse staff and intentional partnerships, YWP builds a vibrant diversity within its online community -- youngwritersproject.org -- to allow its members to learn from their differences in ethnicity, geography, economics and opportunity. Our forum provides a practical way for youths to gain cultural literacy, build confidence in communication, find voice and develop aspirations.

Programs and Services

Young Writers Project offers a variety of free resources and affordable services give teachers the ability to whip up our recipe for writing excellence - community, learning and audience - in their own classrooms.
Teacher Resources

Our free teacher resources help educators extend writing education beyond the classroom walls.
A FREE ACCOUNT on youngwritersproject.org allows teachers to submit student writing to be considered for publication by YWP. So much of the writing that is generated in school never sees an audience. Young Writers Project's platform makes it safe and easy for teachers to share students' work with the wider world. Create an account by clicking here.

We also encourage teachers -- particularly those teaching grades 7-12 -- to have their students sign up for an account and post work done inside or outside class. Use the YWP community to help engage your students in all types of writing. Extend your classroom!

CHALLENGES - Young Writers Project's fresh, extensive and ever-growing collection of writing ideas - can be used to spark students' imagination during free-write periods. Most of these challenges have been conceived and vetted by youths. In September and January, YWP sends to teachers a pdf of our special weekly challenges -- the ones we know will spark ideas -- to use in your classroom. We can send them to you if you are on our mailing list. Email Sarah Gliech if you wish to be included.

DIGITALTEACHERS.NET - Young Writers Project's teacher personal learning network is an online repository for tips, best practices, and successful Common Core writing exercise ideas from real teachers.

YWP SUPPORT STAFF can answer questions and give you advice about how to create a writing routine in your classroom that elicits cheers rather than groans from your students. Contact Geoffrey Gevalt if interested.

For more information on what the site has to offer kids, check out this page.
Teacher Services

Our affordable services include tools and residencies to help educators - and students - build their expertise as writers.

A CUSTOM WEBSITE based on Young Writers Project's proprietary platform allows teachers to build private, connected writing communities that only their students can access. These sites allow teachers to create and manage assignments, and to observe and teach commenting and to showcase best work to the school community. At $20 a month per teacher -- including technical support -- this is a remarkable value that has been shown to increase students' production and performance. Double the price and get full content support as well.

Purchase of the platform includes a remote orientation session, on-call tech support and tips about how to create assignments that use the platform to its best advantage.

SCHOOL RESIDENCIES where teachers and students learn side-by-side are a fun way to put the spotlight on storytelling and writing craft. Young Writers Project offers narrative writing, poetry and digital media residencies, as well as a series that helps school communities navigate - and practice - the types of writing outlined in Common Core standards. YWP also designs residencies to fit custom requests; just get in touch to let us know what you and your students want to learn about writing. Residencies are currently offered in Vermont, New Hampshire and the Newark, New Jersey area. 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR DIGITAL TEACHERS is offered for continuing education and Master's credits. YWP will be again offering this service in Fall 2017 which will include video-conferencing versus travel to class locations. The courses provide in-depth training for teachers who want to become better writing teachers, and want to learn how to use digital resources to improve their students' writing skills. Most assigments can be carried out on Young Writers Project's proprietary teacher platform (see Custom Website description above). Cost and set-up of the platform are included in the price of the course. Course members can also become members of digitalteachers.net, Young Writers Project's personal learning network for digital teachers.
Youth Programs
Young Writers Project's programs welcome any youth from anywhere, in conjunction with school or not.

THE ONLINE COMMUNITY at youngwritersproject.org is free, secure and open to any youth, anywhere. It has nearly 3,000 active members from all over the U.S. and world. Youths can use YWP prompts to generate writing ideas, post and edit original content, receive peer and mentor feedback, read and comment on other users' posts and submit work to be considered for publication to external audiences. Students ages 13 and up can simply create accounts and get started. Those under 13 will need a permission form before we can approve them.

YWP ACADEMY is a new area of youngwritersproject.org entirely devoted to interactive, 30-day online workshops. Workshops are led by the best artists we can find and are broken down into short, tangible steps where writers learn through creation and commenting. Workshops cover aspects of craft, different forms and genres, issue and research-based writing and multimedia creation. Youths are welcome to seek credit for their work from their schools or to download their finished work to their school portfolios.

The YWP Academy is free to individual members of the community. However, we ask that if schools wish to bring a group of students to the service, that it donate to YWP. Please contact Geoffrey Gevalt at 802-324-9537 to figure out how many students will access the content and what your school can afford as a donation.

PUBLICATIONS are the result of writers' hard work! Anything posted anywhere on the site by anyone - unless otherwise indicated - is eligible to be selected for publication in YWPs premiere digital magazine, The Voice, or by YWP's print, digital and broadcast media partners. Teachers are welcome to direct their students to post work for consideration or teachers can create accounts and submit work on their students' behalf.

WORKSHOPS, CONFERENCES & CAMPS allow youths to learn skills alongside other kids who share their interests. The schedule of workshops, conferences and camps varies throughout the year. Check out our calendar to see what's coming up next, and sign up for our newsletter (email Susan Reid) to have upcoming event notices sent to your inbox!

OPEN MICS & LIVE READINGS put young writers face-to-face with supportive, enthusiastic audiences. Most are also streamed live so that youths and audiences can participate remotely. Check out our calendar to see what's coming up next, and sign up for our newsletter (email Susan Reid) to have upcoming event notices sent to your inbox!