Feb 06

Vermont Writes Day 2017

Vermont Writes Day is Friday, February 10!

Join hundreds, thousands -- meeeelions! -- of writers across Vermont who will stop what they're doing for JUST SEVEN MINUTES -- AND WRITE!

This is Young Writers Project's annual day of honoring writing, a day when people of all ages in Vermont (and our neighbors in New Hampshire) take a few minutes to write to seven fun and zany prompts created just for Vermont Writes Day. You can participate on your own, or in class with fellow students and teachers; you can use pencil and paper, or write on one of our websites!

Preview the seven special prompts we have created JUST to inspire you on Vermont Writes Day:
  • below this description -- scroll on down!
  • PDF version (navigate to event page, scroll to bottom and click PDF link to download)

How to participate on February 10

On the day, you can write with pencils and paper, or use your device. Either way, we want to know what you wrote!

Young Writers Project Account Holders
Login and post your pieces on youngwritersproject.org. All of the prompts will be posted as Challenges on the front page of the site, and are also linked at the bottom of this post. Pick the Challenge that sparks your imagination, click the WRITE button beneath it and fill out the information. Before saving, put the hashtag #vtwrites17 in the body of your post. If you took Vermont Writes Day photos, you can upload those to our site, too! Click WRITE > Create a Blog Post in the menu bar. Then click Add Media and choose Advanced Upload in the images section. Before saving, put the #vtwrites17 hashtag in the body of your post.

Everyone Else
Visit vermontwritesday.org. It will be open for one day only on February 10 and no login will be needed in order to post. Each prompt will clearly be highlighted in the top menu bar. Click the name of the prompt that interests you to read it and see what others have written in response. When you are ready to post, click WRITE in the top menu bar and fill out the form.

You may post on behalf of your students on both sites. No advance registration required.

On February 10, those submitting student work via vermontwritesday.org should sign our Guest Book. The Guest Book will give us an idea of which schools and teachers participated in Vermont Writes Day via the special site. If you took photos during your Vermont Writes Day festivities, you can share them with Young Writers Project when you fill out the Guest Book. A link to the Guest Book will be in the front page post on vermontwritesday.org and also in the right sidebar under the INFORMATION headline.

Those submitting via their youngwritersproject.org accounts need not notify YWP of participation; your account information tells us who you are and where you teach. If you wish to upload photos or a write-up about how your school/class celebrated, go to WRITE > Create a Blog Post and type away! Remember to put the #vtwrites17 hashtag somewhere in the body of your post before saving.


Finally, WE HAVE A SPECIAL LIVE EVENT THAT NIGHT! On the evening of Feb. 10, Young Writers Project and Burlington City Arts will present SoundCheck at the beautiful BCA gallery on Church Street! This is a grand finale for Vermont Writes Day -- and a chance for youth participants to perform work in front of a live/lively audience!

It's first come, first served, performers! Reserve a spot and SIGN UP HERE!




To respond, log into your youngwritersproject.org account, click the title of the prompt that interests you and write! Or, visit vermontwritesday.org and write there (no login needed)! Teachers, you can download a PDF of all the prompts by scrolling to the bottom of our event page!

  1. Siren. (Sound prompt!) What does the sound of a siren make you think of? What is happening? Are they coming for you? Or your character? 
  2. Letter. A baby was born today. Write a letter to introduce this child to the world as you see it. 
  3. Bad. Write from the perspective of an antagonist. How did he or she become the “bad guy” (bully, thief, villain)? What’s the backstory?
  4. Knew. Use this phrase at the beginning or end of your piece: “I just knew…” 
  5. Pickle. Include the following words in a story or poem: callous, pickle, spell, snail, firefighter. 
  6. Smartphone. Do you ever feel like throwing your smartphone as far away as you can? If so, why? And what happens after you do? 
  7. Object. (Photo prompt!) Write a story or poem inspired by your character(s) discovering a mysterious object in a thrift shop or flea market.

​And one more: General. Write anything in any genre. (Hashtag it #vtwrites17 to let us know it was written for Vermont Writes Day!)