Jan 07
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Alien Encounter

It wasn't the greatest landing. I got shaken this way and that, the aliens harassed me in a very unusual way, and now they're dropping me off from their big, white, spherical spaceships. I guess I have to jump down and hope to land on the cheap bridges they deployed. See the ship farthest on the left? That's the ship I'm in. God knows who or what was in the other ships, because as the middle ship dropped the bridge all I could hear was a high-pitched voice slowly moaning. I saw some goopy, slimy creature about the size of a car get dropped out of the right-hand ship. The giant creature consumed a human standing on the shore into its slimy body and just swam away. As you could probably guess, I'm getting a little creeped out right now. The bridge looks like it was made out of milk cartons ripped into strips, and a big chunk of the bridge is already ripped off from when the slimy creature plopped down. This gray alien is looking at me, kind of like he’s signaling for me to jump. It edges toward me and starts making grunting noises. I shove him away, and he goes absolutely ballistic. He starts waving his arms around, screaming, and throwing things everywhere. He starts to grab me, but I jump just in time. I'm plunging towards the water.
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