Jan 09
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Saw Only By Me

I was hiking down a new path, 
I had no idea where it went, 
I just knew that I had to get there.
It went up and down,
Left, right, and around
As I neared the end,
I faltered, 
wondering what sights I would see,
Wondering what beautiful things,
would behold me 
Would there be trees
Luscious green Leaves swaying in the wind
Would there be mountains 
Towering and grand 
Would there be water 
Stretching endlessly into the distance
What would I see
In front of me 
I continued hiking, 
Almost to the end 
When suddenly 
The trail stopped, 
In front of me was a wooden bridge 
There was a boat going under the bridge 
The funny thing about the bridge though,
Was that it was being held up 
by three, big, beautiful, leather, balloons 
It was quite a sight to see, 
Saw by only me 

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