Jan 31
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Push and Pull

Pushing each other away
Words shot at each other like bullets
Names that should never be uttered to those you love
The kind that leave scars 
But our words
They are just a plea for each other to see our pain
To feel it with one another
To fight our demons together
We use the word "leaving" like a knife
Swinging it at each other when we get scarred
Using it as the only self defense mechanism we know
Pulling each other closer 
Passionately kissing each other 
Feeling the instant warmth that runs through us the moment we are in each others arms
Blushing each time we see the others face
Expierencing the chills down our spines as the words "I love you" drip off our lips
With each letter our hearts beating faster
Wanting that moment to never end
Just to stay frozen in time
We would give anything
For one last touch
And yet 
We still sit here
At a battle of Love and Hate