Feb 05
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It Started Like A Fairytale How Did It End Like This

I remember the first time you held me
It was like a firework going off
Your hands were rough and callused
But your touch was oh, so soft.

We dozed out by the lake house
Went swimming in jean shorts
Got tangled up in soccer nets
And bruised on basketball courts

The first time you were joking
When you pushed me off the dock
And you never meant to hurt me
Even though I told you stop

You kissed my banged up knees
You bandaged all the scrapes
I found it all so charming
Even though you caused the aches

Still your love was oxytocin
I could bear the side effects
I thought it fun, not knowing
Just what you would do next

I loved your gentle side
So I didn't mind at all
That your angry fits resulted
In a huge hole in the wall

I told myself you meant it
When you said 'never again'
I was ignorant to trust
That this would be the end

Your promise of the last time
Of 'I'll change this time for good' 
Began to fade from meaning
When I knew you never could

I stopped counting bruises
Because I knew that they were plenty
And I left you that next morning
When I knew your touch was empty