Feb 10
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Sour Milk

I just knew it was going to happen today. Everything was going to go wrong today. When I woke up to the sound of the obnoxious alarm I was on the wrong side of the bed. This was the first sign. The omen of things to come. I'm tempted to stay under the covers. To stay under the sheild of cotton blocking out the world and letting in only my dreams. This would've been the easy way out. Instead I slid my bare feet onto the cold wood floor and shuffle down the hall to the kitchen. The whole way there I rub sleep from my eyes. As the coffee pot trickles and the toaster hums the sensation of something bad being inevitable drifts into a corner of my mind. When the bread pops up with a satisfying ding it is almost forgotten, yet the senstion lingers within the tense way I butter my toast. As I set the table the sun filters in the half open shades a promise of a warmer winter day. I place plate down on the table top with toast on top. I pour the dark coffee into my favorite mug and watch clouds form as I add the cream. Then I return to the kitchen and pour milk on cereal. It's sour. It happened. I knew today would be bad. 
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