Feb 10
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Texts from Mom

I hate to love my cellphone. I love to be able to talk to my friends whenever I desire. Fast communication is a blessing and a curse. It's nice to recieves messages that are a reminder that the people you care about are alive and okay. That part of smartphones is great. Social media is pretty nice too. If you ignore the negativity it is a great way to have a deeper insight into your friends lives and the world around you. Sometimes though this technology can seem more like a curse than a blessing. It's those moments when you're at home under a warm banket by the fire reading and your phone rings. You can ignore it once, maybe twice, but by the sixteenth time it begins to be harder. You switch it to silent. Then you hear it vibrate against the table. It is your mother asking if you need eggs. Maybe if you had thrown it out the window when you had the chance you could've finished your book. You didn't though. You checked. Something about phones - people look at them. 
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