Feb 10
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The Magical Wardrobe

One day, when Julian was getting dressed in her wardrobe, she heard a weird sound  or voice.

“ Who is it?” asked Julian in a scared voice.

“It is I, the famous Dr. Mcfario!!”  said the voice.

“Um, can you get out for a second, because I am not wearing any clothes.” said Julian.

“Oh sure.” said Dr. Mcfario. So the doctor stepped out of the room and waited. A couple minutes later, Julian came out wearing an orange dress, with yellow polkadots and an orange headband.

“You’re matching today.” said Dr. Mcfario.

“Thanks.” said Julian in an unappreciative voice.

“Where did you come from?” asked Julian.

“Your wardrobe.” said Dr. Mcfario in an annoyed voice. He was annoyed because Julian talked to much.

“So are you saying that my wardrobe is magical?”  asked Julian.

“Y-E-S!” said the doctor spelling out the letters. “Alright, alright.” said Julian.
That night, Julian thought of a plan. She planned to push that annoying doctor through the wardrobe portal.  In the morning, Julian got up and walked towards the magical wardrobe.  

“Where are you going, Julian?” asked the doctor. “Oh, I was just going to get dressed.” said Julian.  

So as Julian walked up to the wardrobe.  The doctor was following her which was exactly what Julian wanted!  When the doctor and Julian were in the wardrobe, Julian pushed the doctor into the magical wardrobe.

“Curse you!” said the doctor.  

“This is the end! Never come back!” said Julian.
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