Feb 10
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Snap, Click, Tap #vtwrites17

People are sitting next to me but there is a breeze of silence. We are all next to each other inches apart, but we are all looking down. What's the point of hanging out when really all you're doing is snapchatting a different friend, texting about the new gossip, posting a photo on Instagram. Is that what hanging out now refers to? I remember when we were younger we would play outside all day long, now we're outside but instead of playing were clicking, scrolling, and tapping. The sad thing is it's not just them, it's me to. Why can't we just talk, talk to each other, enjoy the company, because right when they leave you want them back, and right when you're together again you are all doing the same thing, SNAP CLICK TAP is the only thing that breaks the silence. I wish I could put my phone down, but if I did that, I would be sitting in a room with the company of others listening to them snap click and tap. 
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