Feb 10
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If My Art Piece Was A Representation My Life

If I had an art piece representing my life I wouldn't be in it. I occasionally have moments where I step back from what is happening and take a look at the big picture. If I had to choose a setting for my portrait it would be the craftsbury river my family used to own because it is so beautiful and that's where I have a lot of great memories. Like catching my first fish with my Grandpa and Aunt Wendy. Around the lake would be my old dog Sammie who has passed away, but would be sitting with that smile dogs have when they're happy. My current two dogs Dakota and Mack who would be playing on the side of the river together. My cat Aurora and my old cat Beans would be sitting on a rock off to the edge breathing in the fresh air and loving the smell of the fish. Up the stream would by my family and the people who have impacted me most. My mom, dad, Hunter (my boyfriend), Dayna (my best friend), Grandpa Bootan (R.I.P.), Memé, Papa, Stella (step Grandma), and My great grammy Monica. I love all these people dearly in my heart and wish I talked to and see more of every single one. In the clouds representing my future would be photography and in another cloud radiology. Because I have passion for photography and my major in college will be radiology. On another cloud would be small children representing my future kids and my future husband (hopefully Hunter). I don't want anything super special in life I just want to be able to have my friends and family close by to talk to when needed and to have an enjoyable life that I can feel proud of. I will cherish every experience in my life whether that be good or bad each and every one is worth something. Each and every one.
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