Feb 11

Fickle Fortune

Fickle Fortune

(Two men are driving a car, in a hurry to get to their destinations.)

B- (B, rummaging around and feeling his pockets) Drat! I forgot my phone!

A-(focused on driving) Don’t worry, you can take mine.

B- (relieved) Thank you! I will just make one call, and then lock the phone inside the car.

A- (still concentrated on the road ahead) That’s fine with me.

(A parks the car, and hurries off. B makes the call on the phone, and departs.)
(A man walks by, peeking into cars parked on the street. Seeing the phone in A’s vehicle, he looks around and examines the car. He waits for the street to empty of most people, and seeing the window open, he reaches his hand inside and opens the door lock. The alarm goes off, startling some people. The man gets into the car takes the phone, closes the window, locks the door and shuts it. The alarm stops. He puts the phone in his pocket and walks away, saying “Oh, I forgot the keys in my office!, breaking into a run as he turns around the corner.)

{one hour later}

A- (To B) Where is my phone? Did you take it to the office?

B- (casually) As agreed, I left it in the locked car.
A- (suspicious) You are lying, there is no phone in the car! What kind of joke is that?

B- ( disbelieving) Ummmm…..Let me look for it.

(B searches the car)
B-(feeling his pockets, jacket) Well……. I…..I... don’t know what happened, I don’t have the phone, of that I’m sure.
A-(Shouting) Liar! Thief! You will pay for this!


A-(Checking the mail) What! Another bill! Oh, noooo. (Opens the bill) Oh my God! International calls! The last time I called to another country was…….Let me see…. Last year. And these new ones….. Why, they were made yesterday, and on my phone! (pauses, thinking, then turns angry and fumes). (Walks to his house). Look at this, (shows the bill to his girlfriend) Yes, this must be B. First he stole my phone, now he has made dozens of international calls! What a brat! I will go to sort everything out with that bastard!

(A drives over to B’s house.)
B-(Icily, still angry that A called him a liar and thief) Hello, what made you come here?
A- You whippersnapper! You are in trouble!
B-(Rolls his eyes) What? Again?!

A- All these international calls you made on my phone!
(hands him out the statement)

B-(stammers) What calls?
A- (frustrated and fuming) Hey! I’m not playing your games. I know the truth, so pay. This. Bill. (A shakes the bill before B’s face), besides, where is my phone!
B- (insulted, shouting, slamming his fist on the table) No, I am never going to pay this bill! First of all, I don’t have your phone, you can even search my house if you want to. Second, I only made one call on........
A- (turns around) We will sort this out at the court.
B-(miserably) But………….
(A storms off to his car before B can reply.)

(A goes to the local court and schedules a trial.)

The judge proves B guilty, and gives him a fine of the cost of the phone, [$500], and $2,500 for the international calls and theft


B- (to himself, sarcastically) Congratulations B! You are accused of stealing. (sighs, and adds) God damn it!