Feb 11
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The Beauty of Fall

The warm summer days grow darker again. Sand still falling out of my hair. The green lush fields turn golden, and white marshmallow like bails lay in a row. The nights turn cold and brisk. The bright green leaves swing to yellow, orange, and red. The bright red apples stand out hanging by the bushels on the twisting trees. Green fields become a wave of orange pumpkins waiting to become halloween fun. The dirt in the ground gets firm making it harder to dig the fresh large carrots from the earth. It is time for Staples, BJs and JcPennys. The sun gets lower in the sky, and school begins. It does not take long for the beauty of fall to begin and wash away the horrors of school. Woods Trail, soccer, and baseball playoffs fill our hearts with passion. A grey Vermont fall day filled with warmth and excitement through a corn maze and an apple orchard. Jumping for the tallest apples left untouched. Do you know your apple varieties? A simple taste test and a guess. A grandfather's organic orchard where trees are shaken for the fruit to fall… sometimes on our heads. Riding through fields in the bed of a red Tacoma. Through the that golden long grass. Flannels and Timberland boots. Stations of apple cleaners, cutters, and grinders to fill the maple and black cast-iron press. The warm sweet nectar tickles your tongue. Well worth the hard work. Large mason jars are filled and placed in wooden crates perfectly. Brought home for cold or warmed up filling the house with the sweet smell of fall.

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