Feb 13

Rant For Valentines Day

        Right now I'm sitting on my bed at exactly 11:14 pm and I start thinking. I think about my day and how I had to go to my Abuela's funeral. I think about how it's really snowy and I can't believe the weather. I think about my sister and how she annoys me so much. and then I think about how it's Valentine's Day tommorow and how maybe not everyone in this world will get something or someone. Days like this get me thinking about how I am very fortunate to live with my parents. I have a beautiful house with heating and a bed. I have all the food I could need including more. And most won't get that. Ever.
        You know those ASPCA commercials? The ones that come on to the TV when you're trying to watch that new movie that just came out? Or maybe they come on when you really need to get to work but need to watch news. Well, a lot of people I bet, would just sit there and just calmly and drink coffee or just stare. But me, I usually hav a 5 second interim from the time the infomercial comes on, to the time I'm sitting bawling like a baby in front of the TV screen. Something about these just have a way about them. That face of a tiny puppy or kitten isn't a face that says,"Yay! I'm on camera! Time to strike a pose." That dog that you see, is in a cage, starving, It could be freezing to death in a wooden or metal crate. They don't have time for photoshoots. But people make it look like that, huh? All types of animals, All around the world will be lonely this Valentines Day, and probably for a lot of years to come. That's the main reason I can't watch those commercials. It's because I hate to think of how many helpless animals die from animal cruelty each year. The idea of anything being treated that bad that it would die, is just heart breaking. I feel so mad at the world sometimes that my face inside gets so angry, and then almost crashes. I just have an internal breakdown. 
         Maybe if I write this down, someone important who could actually help might see this. I swear, I'm at the end of my rope inside. Something needs to happen. Imagine if you were left and beaten and mauled and on Valentines Day you never got rescued. You were left out in a metal cage for the snow  and ice. You yourself started freezing to the cage. This was all because you were a puppy that just grew older, and like a doll or something, your owner just decided they didn't want you around. Maybe because they didn't think you were a cute puppy anymore and hated to look at you. And imagine all of this on Valentines Day. I think it's just so sad. I really hope our human race can all feel this way. maybe then evryone will be happy and get a home and things like that on Valentines Day and all days.