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Feb 15
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The Cat

Sleek, soft black fur, gleaming in the sunlight that pours through the open window.

Long, slender whiskers, twitching as she purrs contentedly, feeling the relaxing heat of the sun.

A white tipped tail, gently thumping on the soft rug.

Small white paws tucked neatly in front of her, sharp claws drawn back.

She lifts one paw to her mouth and licks it, then draws it back over her velvety midnight ear.

Green eyes blink slowly, and she lays her head back on her paws, and closes her eyes.

The soft black cat sleeps in the warm light, peacefully purring.

Just looking at her makes you calm.

And slowly you drift off into a doze, just like the sleek black cat.

CatLover's picture
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