Feb 15

Playwriting Workshop Complete!

Congrats to MaisieN and Della -- their plays were selected to be given dramatic presentation at this year's Vermont Young Playwrights Festival. Dramatic456 receives honorable mention! Way to go. And thanks to all the others who participated!

We know the deadlines were tough. We will start earlier next year, so come back and try again this fall! YWP community members did some hard work with the Middlebury College advanced playwriting class who helped them them conceive, draft and complete 10-minute plays. It was a noble experiment that produced some powerful plays. Thanks to all who participated. YWP and the class are choosing two for special treatment at this year's Vermont Young Playwrights Festival.

Young Writers Project, in partnership with Vermont Young Playwrights and award-winning Middlebury College playwright Dana Yeaton and his advanced playwriting class, developed this YWP/Middlebury Playwrights Workshop, a unique, FREE online experience. Two plays will be chosen to be presented on stage in May at the  Vermont Young Playwrights Festival

This workshop will take place as part of YWP Academy -- YWP's new formal, FREE, fun online learning center with new month-long workshops each month.