Feb 15

Avoiding You

Dad invited you in
I was reading at the table
Dad offered you soup
I mumbled an excuse
about needing to brush my hair
as I rushed upstairs
I did brush my hair
while I waited for my turn
in the shower.
Mom finished her shower
She didn't know you were here
She thanked me for telling her
My sister took her shower
When she got out
she asked me if you
were still here
You were
She stayed upstairs
I took my shower
When I got out
I asked my sister
if you were still here
She wasn't sure
We stayed upstairs
Soon your voice and Mom's
could be heard
You were shouting that the
totaled van could be fixed
Mom was yelling, trying
to make you see sense
I don't even know
why she tries anymore
and I feel guilty
for even thinking that
and because 
I didn't stay down with you
I left before you got the
chance to say hi
I feel bad that you scare me
I shouldn't be afraid
You're just sick
I shouldn't be afraid
but I am
I shouldn't keep avoiding you
but I do