Feb 15
Icarus Blackmore's picture

The snow

The snow falling outside my window snapped me awake
And I came to the sudden realization this world isn't anybody's to take

There is a beauty here that doesn't belong to anyone
There is a certain air of mystery the world has that can never be undone
As I look at the snow outside I realized this place has been around longer than anyone alive
And it will continue to be here, it will continue to stay alive, it will continue to thrive.

There is a certain power the world holds
There are tales that may never be told

As I watch the news, I realize with an ironic sense of calm that people are rightfully alarmed.
And I felt that I could go sleep happy, knowing that the world will stay here, alive, though perhaps not unharmed.

There is both certainty and uncertainty in the snow
No one knows exactly where the snow will go
But still we know it will fall, down, down towards the ground
Slowly it falls, content to barely make a sound
Still it accumulates on the ground

So tiny, so small,
We watch the snow fall,

Yet we know it will make a difference
For it does not care about our preference

Will we make small changes one by one
And we will not stop until we're done
We will not stop until we can once again see the sun.

Because the world will always be here.
And the while snow has no need to fear,

We do.
The world will be here, long after us that's true.
But it's up to us to see it through.

So let's stay rightfully alarmed.
And let's make it through this unharmed.

We will make change after change
We will make our priorities rearrange.

We will stand, ever so tiny and small.
But we will still stand proud and tall.
And we will make a difference just like the snow.
And though we go cautiously, we will grow and we won't slow.

Make no mistake,
This world isn't anbodys to take