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Chimes Sound

    It was a very windy day in Dallas Texas and the brown family already knew what that meant. The weather man on the TV had called for 100 mph winds and and hail. The brown family was made up from Mr and Mrs brown and their two kids Miles and Patricia. Miles was two months old so he didn’t even know what was going on. Patricia was 8 and was terrified. “What if the tornado hits the house! She said. “It won’t said Mrs. Brown”.
Mr. Brown was in town buying supplies when the tornado warning went off. He looked over to his left and saw what looked like one of the largest tornado’s he’d ever seen. “Holy Guacamoly!” he shouted. Mr. Brown slammed on the gas and sped towards home as fast as his truck would drive. Then as he was driving down the road towards his house, something hit the car like an MLB pitcher throwing a fastball directly and the hood of the car. He rolled down his window and saw a ball of hail the size of a baseball on the hood of the car.
The impact of the hail hitting the hood left an enormous dent on the hood! Then another piece of hail dropped from the sky striking Mr. Brown directly of the head. Then another, and another. Soon it was hailing harder than it ever had in Dallas. After two or three more minutes of driving, and an countless dents on the truck Mr. Brown finally reached home. The wind chimes on the front porch were so loud Mr. Brown could hear them over the sound of the hail hitting the truck. Mr. Brown ran as fast as he could back into the house. Mrs. Brown and the kids were waiting in the house for Mr. Brown. “We have to go to the cellar.” Mr. Brown said.
Mrs. Brown made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a snack and brought dinner down to the cellar. From there Mr. Brown told Mrs. Brown and the kids about the baseball sized hail and the quarter mile wide tornado that he saw. The family sat in the storm shelter/cellar for 5 hours until everyone fell asleep in the comfy chairs Mrs. Brown had put in the cellar.
The next morning the Brown family all walked out of the cellar to survey the damage. To their surprise, the only thing that was damaged was poor Mr. Brown’s truck. The house was still standing and the shed and not one tree had fallen. There were a couple of windows that had been cracked from the hail. But all together not much had been damaged. The only thing that disappointed Mrs. Brown was that her poor wind chime had not made it. It was all tangled up and the metal chimes were dented. But all in all the storm had not made garbage of the Brown's property. So the Miles, Patricia, Mr and Mrs brown were all happy.
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