Feb 17
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Chimes Sound

                The cabin
    The cabin is a place with wind chimes and in the summer they sound like that. Sometimes we go and just sit by the wind chimes, they sing and sing while we swim. Hi my name is George and I love all the sounds of the world, some are hard and some are soft. sometimes in the winter I like to bring the wind chimes in to my room and put the fan on them then just listen.
The wind chimes make me feel like I am on a cruise because the wind that makes the wind chimes go also blows on my face. They also make me feel relaxed, so relaxed that I could fall asleep when I am not even tired. My sister Maddie thinks that I am crazy when I think that the wind chimes are peaceful then I said “and you think that unicorns are real. That’s how I feel about wind chimes ”  
    Even thow unicorns are awesome I still think wind chimes are better.  wind chimes are all natural,and all natural things are good for the environment. There is wind in the air, and metal is in the ground. That is why I want everyone to get a  wind chime today. All my kids/teachers listened to me and got one in my school. I think you should get one go home and get one right now.

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