Feb 17
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Chimes Sound


    The chimes rang as the door to the shop sprang open the girl stumbled in the the shiny object in the middle of the store caught her eye. Sitting there was a big chinese box she walked toward it she imagined it having many secrets. She examined it slowly. It had gold patterns covering the front and sides on the back it had a dragon shaped emblem. The box was large. She cracked the lid of the box inside she saw a small book it had no title and their was no name it looked handwritten it was stitched together with red thread and was written in chinese. She knew how to read chinese because her late father had been writing a book in chinese when she was little so she knew all about the language. She picked it up and examined it their was no name. Then she went into the back of the shop. She stepped into the back on the shop.

She  found her mother putting some price tags on some new things. “Hello misha” she said. “Hi mom” she replied. She held out the book and said to her mom “I found this in an old box and I was wondering what to do with it?”  

“Let me see”  you should read it.  

“Really!” “i’m not sure if I can chinese is not my best subject.”


“Ok i’ll start it right now” so she started to read. She read about ancient history and chinese culture. And finally she got to they end and their on the very last page was a name it said shang. She started to cry it had been written by her father. Her father had died in a car accident when she was young. It was a memory of her father she would keep forever.

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