Feb 17
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Dear Bully

Why do you bully little kids.  You do know your not helping anybody.  You're not even helping yourself.  You do know that right?  Remember in kindergarten when single bully tried to take your lunch money.  That's how the little kids feel when you take their lunch money.  You can still be cool without the bullying you know.  Also don’t think we don’t see you at recess.  What's so good about bullying anyways?  If you’re a bully everybody hates you and you have no friends.  Nobody wants to be the bad guy am I right.  It also affects your future.  Like it determines if your nice enough to play sports in some sports.  You also might never get a wife if everybody hates you.  The reason I wrote this to give you something to think about tonight, and if you come school tomorrow and beat me up.  I’ll tell you one more thing you're only making things worse.                    
From Your Classmate Joey

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