Mar 06
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Don't Cry in Front of the Boys!!!
This should just be common sense, but few girls these days have that. Don't cry in front of the boys. They won't know what to do and they'll probably be freaking out more inside than you are on the outside. If you're really close with the guy, then it's less horrible for the boy, because he'll have a better sense of what to do, but if this is just a guy that you talk to, a crush, or even a boyfriend, don't cry! When a guy is around a girl who's crying, they will literally just stand there and watch, because they won't have any idea what's wrong or what might comfort you. That awkward tap on the back or silent whisper that "it's okay" is only there because they are clueless as to how to play "Mom". Don't get me wrong, it's totally okay for girls to cry.....we have to, just try to sustain the tears until you're with your girlfriends. There will be more comforting, hugging, and gentle words, because unlike the guys, the girls will know exactly what to do. 
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