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Mar 12


YWP Community Leaders: This is more than a nod. And a smile. We have some guests coming from New Jersey. And elsewhere. We want them to feel at home. The best way we can do that is tell something about ourselves and this space. Help the poor buggers, they'll probably be a little confused.
  1. Tell them why you hang out here. Why you post. What happens.
  2. And tell them about Vermont. Telll them why you endure the bugs and the cold, the short days and the clouds.
  3. AND AND, include some links to things you've created and things you like that were done by others!
  4. Hashtag: #netnarr
YWP Guests: Welcome. Click RESPOND below, tell us something about where you are from (and about yourself, too, if you are so inclined). Share some comments, too. Hashtag: #netnarr