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Mar 12


Go and record three audio clips of your morning -- the hustle to get out the door, the bus (or carpool), your annoying brothers (sisters), or some animals or sounds of breakfast, classroom bells, bustle in the halls ... you figure.
  • RESPOND below and uplaod THREE (3) short audio clips. No explanation necessary. In fact the Supreme Grand Commander of this Enterprise (we're not sure who that is) suggests we NOT, repeat NOT, trouble ourselves with words.
  • BONUS ROUND... yes we know you're out there. RESPOND again and post some of your images of morning. 


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Mar 25
Dogtrax's picture

So This is What It Sounds Like

This is my Sound Story, composed of found sounds from Geoff (voice, as he was tapping trees for sap), Rissa (walking), Masooch (tea and waffles) and Stryii (train station). Thank you, all. 
Mar 23
cogdog's picture

Break Away

(I sprouted this post which apparently sent it elsewhere, so a repeat here)

Sometimes we plan and plan and plan and then we finally make that break to leave our cage...
Mar 19
Masooch's picture

Some Casual Morning Sounds

Some lovely morning sounds: two different breakfasts being made and a snack at the writing center where I work.

Just realized they all concern food. Huh. Priorities, amirite?

(Also let's pretend I didn't get frustrated trying to rip my own mp3 from SoundCloud and just felt like mixing it up a bit with the uploads. Cool? Cool.)
Mar 17
annabellaboo's picture

Trapped in My Head

This was made from a collection of noises at work- an alarm beeping and phone ringing, professors speaking( mostly Levine can be heard at the end). I also found some heartbeat and breathing files to place inside.

The back story would be this is a girl who is a former soldier coming into a campus environment for the first time after being in war.

Enjoy :)

Oops almost forgot some gun fire audio as well.
Mar 16
Dogtrax's picture

Duke's Tail

Mar 16
Dogtrax's picture

Guitar Case/Guitar Pick/Guitar Strings

A short recording of my guitar for Networked Narratives. My guitar didn't know it was being recorded. I hope it doesn't mind. It has an attorney on retainer ...
Mar 16
cogdog's picture

From Home to Home Office

As I work from home, the transition is not very dramatic, but it is a transition. The morning walk in the woods with my dog, Felix, is my transition to "work" mode.

Eventually it's office time... NPR news for human voices in the background (office chatter?)
Mar 16
Mia Zamora's picture

morning tea

I can't start any day without my cup of tea. The first sip brings slow but steady clarity.  Cohesive thoughts follow.
Mar 15
gg's picture

The Clanging Room

Note: As the SPROUT function in this area of the site seems to be just a tad off, I am "sprouting" this manually. WHAT I DID: I merely saved Cogdog's sound to my desktop and then reloaded it here. As Cogdog had no explanation -- no text -- there is no need for a link back. -- gg
Mar 15
cogdog's picture

Clanging and Banging