Mar 24

Birthday Party

I wait for more.
I watch my sister watching the door.
Waiting for the guests to arrive.
Because then we can go to Sky High.
Oh wait, I thought it sitting in my chair.
That we are actually going to Get Air.
At first there's none,
Then there's one.
Time to go.
We must get on the road.
Some things are messed up, but we'll make it up.
Some met at the school, but that was meant for the pool.
One is already there,
So they'll just need to wait for their
Until the wait gets to an end.

Look we're there!
But the friend is not here.
Where could she be?
Is she waiting for me?

We hop into line,
Until it's our time,
To get to the front.
Some of us jump.

Here she comes.
Her socks? She has none!
So we must get her some.

Oh wait!
What about me?
The socks, I don't have on my feet!
Please get me some,
Or I won't have any fun.