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Arm x Arm x Harm

February sixth started out out like any other Monday; a boring day that seems to last forever.  In fact, it was just an ordinary day.  But on Tuesday, now that's a different story.  I woke up and my back was really sore.  Now I don't want to sound weird but it felt like the pain was part of me but not anywhere on me, like I had an extra body part (more specifically, a limb).  I ignored this, though, and went to school.  During homeroom I got detention for "slapping people" I swear I didn't hit anyone, it's like I said before; an extra limb.  But, I recieved my answer during first period.  It all started when I turned around to pick up my pencil, my best friend, Evangaline screamed (at least I woudn't be alone in detention!) She pointed to my back and looked like she was gonna scream again so I calmly explained that I can't see my back and that I need an explanation.  She could barely speak now, but, she did say that I had an extra arm.  Part of me thought she was crazy and part of me totally understood.This was AWESOME!!!!!!!  Now I have an extra arm to scrub my back in the shower, now, I had a high five when I need one, now, when I need a shot I don't have to watch.  NOW, I WOULD GO DOWN IN HISTORY FOR THE GIRL WITH THREE ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the beginning of something amazing!  OMG!  It is just coming to me; now I have an arm to break my fall for, you know, when I fall.  YAY!  

Yeah, ok, I hate this arm.  It's like totally embarrassing to walk around with a creepy arm that just hangs from my back......AND did you know that store don't sell shirts with three arms holes?  And don't even get me started about car rides!!!  I mean even sitting in general.  At first I was like totally amazed and now I'm wishing this had happened to some superhero that actually needs A THRID ARM!!!!  That's all for now! SOS!

-The girl with 15 fingers!

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