Apr 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Road

A Converged Wood

As we stand there,
One by one,
Each between two different paths,
We turn and smile.
Smile because we think we want to go the same way,
Smile because we start to,
Smile because we are hand in hand,
And now frowning because I have turned left,
And you have gone a vigorous right.
I took the trail less taken,
While you wanted to go safely down the one more traveled by.
I didn't turn back,
I wanted to go forth,
I guess you did too, because you didn't turn back either.

It was dark down my path,
Overgrown with wildlife.
I counted on my hand to bring me the right way,
Not to lead me wrong.
I swear I could see red, glowing eyes,
And hear the growling of monsters every few yards.
I thought I smelt the breath of an ancient God,
And it was dark,
And I was alone.
And once I reached the end of the path,
It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.

You told me your path was sunny,
It was magnificent,
You felt like you were on top of the world.
The birds were swooning over you,
And there was a garden with a bench every ten feet.
The golden sun was warming every inch of you,
And you were happy.
And you didn't feel alone.
But, once you reached the end of the path,
You said you saw something more beautiful than that would ever be.

At the end of the path,
The path that curved two different ways,
It converged at the end,
And I saw you, 
And you saw me,
And you were the light to my darkness,
And I was your warmth that made you warmer than you already were.
We smiled our biggest, brightest smiles,
And grasped hands tightly.
It all started with a fork in the road,
A fork that turned to one.