Apr 27
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The Sunny Side of the Street

Your car may be electric while mine uses gas,
You may or may not use a blinker to pass.
But every car drives the same interstate.
Everyone is just trying to reach the same fate.

You may drive fast while I prefer slow,
You may not yield when it’s my turn to go.
But we are all making the same exact drive,
Every person out there, is trying to stay alive.

You may rap while I’ll sing my pop,
You may or may not choose to make a full stop.
But we are brought together out along the road,
Everyone trying to handle the same tough load.

In the end, we're all going to different places,
And out on the road we'll see different faces.
But, the concrete slabs bring friendships together,
They gather people no matter the weather.

We become one while out on the street,
You are common with people, you may never meet.
We are unified as drivers and we are strong,
A group all together on the road where we belong.

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