Apr 28
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A Spring ski

 The day was perfect, it was hovering around 55 degrees. It was early April and  the sun was shining.  There was 6” of fresh snow and a perfect day for a cross country ski. Around 1 o'clock my family and I loaded our car with skis and set off to go skiing. It was a Saturday, and I had just survived my first two weeks back to school after a trip to Norway to nordic ski. In norway we had skied a ton, we probably skied an average of about 15 km per day. Since then I had not been skiing and I was crabby and irritated because of it.  We drove to the “Greens” which is a ski area run by Mr. Green, the skiing is completely free and it is in the most beautiful place you could think of. It is located in in a remote area by a lake with mountains all around and has beautiful well maintained trails that go for miles. The twist is you have to go up a long dirt road, normally this is no problem, but it was the middle of mud season and the road was a mess. After a slightly harrowing journey over the mud we pulled into the parking lot. The conditions were perfect and as I said before I had not been skiing in quite some time and I was rearing and gearing to go. I did a quick wax job on my skis, hoped it would work and set off. I had an hour and fifteen minutes until I needed to be back so I set off on a nice loop. I got to the end of the trail that I was on, cheeked my watch and looked at the map. I still had time to go all the way around the lake. However, to do this I would need to go a bit faster. I set off, the snow was sort of slow and the groomer had broken down so there was an inch of snow on the trail which can make it harder to glide. I did not care, I was just glad to be out doing the thing I love most and I just pushed through barely noticing the extra resistance. Eventually I came to the intersection that would lead me back to the car. I was not tired and still had a little more time so I embarked on a loop that would add another 3km to my ski. Eventually I came to an intersection and I saw another person this was the first person besides my family that I had seen despite the fact that there were 25 or so cars in the parking lot. She was wondering where a trail went, I did not know the answer but I helped her move the snow of the trail map that is at every intersection. We talked a little about how it felt like we had the place to ourselves and how nice the weather was, then we went on our way. I don't know why this interaction  sticks with me but it does, maybe it was the great ski or maybe it was just a random thing I remembered. Whatever the reason I finished my ski right on time and went home feeling much better than I had before.