Apr 29
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Dream Heroes

     I fell through the void, void of purple and lavender swirls. Wait, why am I here? What am I doing? Wait a second...  WHO AM I?
     I tumbled through the seeming infinite well for a couple minutes, wondering what it would be like when I hit the bottom, would I have all my memories? Or would I not even remember this moment? I pinched myself so hard I drew blood, testing to see if it was a dream, I didn't feel anything, but I didn't wake up either.
     Suddenly the void opened up and I was falling through a white substance, clouds! I remembered something!
     The clouds disappeared and I saw the ground below, wind whistling around me, blowing my hair back, I finally was able to right myself in the air, my belly facing downwards, the pressure on my face was incredible. I laughed out loud.
     Now, what happens when I hit the ground I thought, I wondered.
     I felt a shadow pass over me, blocking the sunlight for a second, I flipped myself over so i was facing upwards, I shaded my eyes with one hand from the sun, and held back my hair with the other, which was increasingly hard as my speed picked up. Above me I saw a large scaly creature with a long neck and leathery wings, it was cover from head to to the tip of it's tail in blue scales.
     "Your- your a... dragon! A dragon! I read about you somewhere!" I shouted out loud.
     As the dragon approached, I realized it was even larger than I thought, It's head was easily the size of me, it could probably swallow me whole...
     I turned back to the ground, it was pretty close now. I felt a large clawed hand reach around my waist, suddenly I was jerked to a stop, I almost threw up from the sudden pressure on my stomach.
     The dragon circled a couple times, surprisingly fast for such a large creature, when it eventually landed it opened it's claws and I fell to the ground, I felt a little dizzy and it was hard to stand, but I stood up nonetheless.
     As my senses started to clear, I began to hear a voice.
     "Edgard! you impolite pile of scales! How many times do I have to say 'don't drop them!' for you to understand?" said an elderly man wearing robes and carrying a large dark-wooded stick with a four-pointed star seemingly made of onyx on the tip, the staff itself seemed to have naturally grown around the star.
     The man turned towards me, his features seemed friendly enough, many smile lines, but right now his face had a stern and concerned expression.
     "Are you uninjured?" He asked "I am sorry for Edgard's impoliteness, he is still an unintelligent juvenile." The massive dragon, looking offended turned around and walked away, so both of us had to duck as it's tail, as thick as a tree trunk, swung at our heads.
     "That's exactly what I'm talking about Edgard!" Yelled the man, and the dragon retreated a little further away and stepped behind a large boulder that didn't even come close to concealing him.
     "It's, it's alright, I'm fine." I said.
     The man turned back to me, and his frown was replaced by a smile, that definitely suited his face more than a frown. "Good, good, do you know who you are? or anything about yourself?"
     "Uh.." I thought for a moment "No."
     "Also good." he said "Oh! I should introduce myself! I'm Asberus!"
     "Uh, nice to meat you." I said meekly as I shook his hand.
     Asberus looked over at Edgard, who was still trying, and failing, to conceal himself behind the boulder while still peeking with his massive head at the two of them.
     "It's alright Edgard! You can come out now!" Asberus sighed.
     Edgard got a huge smile on his face and waddled over next to the two of them. Asberus walked over to me and hooked arms with me.
     "Alright, come along now, we'll talk as we walk." Asberus said.
     "Uh, who am I?" I asked.
     "Oh, you'll find that out later, for now your not supposed to know." Asberus replied.
     We walked in silence for a while, the only sound was the stomping of Edgard's feet from a couple yards behind us.
     Finally I asked "Why?"
     "i was waiting for you to ask." Asberus replied "You see, a thousand years ago..."
     Edgard made a whining noise behind us.
     Asberus sighed "Fine Edgard! I'll say the shortened version." he yelled, rolling his eyes, then turning back to me he said "Anyway, a great and powerful wizard has taken over four of the six elemental Islands of our world, and he is proceeding to take over the fifth, he raises powerful armies of undead soldiers, he has three of the six elemental dragons working for him. Edgard her is the new lightning dragon, he's been here for the past six hundred years after the original one was killed."
     Edgard whined again.
     I was so overwhelmed by the information, I was glad for the brief rest to take it all in.
     "I'm getting to it Edgard! Anyway, we are taking people from your world, and testing to see if they have the ability to control their powers here, powers powerful enough to destroy the great wizard himself. So far we have two heroes, one only comes here when they sleep, the others in a coma in the real world, so he's here permanently, or at least, until he wakes up."
     "So, I'm a hero?" I asked.
     Asberus laughed "Hah hah! Not yet, your here to be tested, finish the tests and you will be a hero!"
     "What are the tests?" I wondered.
     "Well theres, Truth, Courage, Wisdom, and Valor." Asberus answered "You must finish all of these to become a hero. None of them have specific tests, they're always changing. You don't have your memories so you don't make any answers using what you know, you just use your gut feeling. All I know is that in the valor test you have to fight something."
     "Do I have a weapon?" I asked, becoming a little nervous.
     Asberus laughed "The sword strapped to your back you nincompoop!"
     I touched my back, and felt leather and steel, strange, I don't remember feeling this weight on my back before now. I unsheathed the sword, drawing it in front of me, it was about the length and thickness of my arm, the guard was shaped like a golden pair of wings, with a leather-wrapped handle and a steel blade covered in symbols, but the really eye-catching thing was the red gemstone imbedded in between the wings on the guard, it glittered like the sunset.
     Now I was a little more confident "How long until we get there?"
     "We were here the whole time." Asberus replied.
     Edgar grumbled and pointed with his nose towards a door, hovering about a foot above the ground, I was sure it wasn't there before.
     "Pass through that door," Asberus said "and the the tests will begin.
     I hesitantly moved towards the door and reached for the doorknob, but then looked behind me at Asberus and Edgard, who both seemed very far away.
     "Thanks you guys!" I yelled and waved.
     They waved back, getting farther and farther away. Edgard almost crushed Asberus when he brought his hand back down and I could see Asberus yelling at him as I opened the door.
     I was pulled through by an invisible force, back into the void op purple and lavender, and spat out into a room with two doors and three men standing in the middle of the room, one was wearing green robes, one was wearing red robes, and one was wearing blue robes, but other than that they all looked identical.
     "Welcome to the truth test!" a voice boomed in my mind.

     "Hi?" I said nervously, then looked at all the doors "Which way should I go?"
     "Go left." Said green
     "Go right." Said blue
     "Go straight." Said red
     I became very confused "Wait, what?"
     "This is the right door." Said green
     "No This is the right door." Said blue
     "Nu-uh, this is the right door." Said red
     "Two of them can only lie." The voice rang out "The third always says the truth."
     "Which one?" I asked.
     "It's them." Said green
     "No it's them." Said blue
     "It's definitely them." Said red
     I sat down cross-legged on the floor and thought...
     And got an idea.
     I drew my sword and started walking confidently towards them, they started to look a little nervous.
     I hefted my sword and whacked the first one on the head with the flat of the blade, he knelt to the ground clutching his head.
     I kneeled next to him "Did that hurt?" I asked.
     "No." he said and winced.
     I stepped over to the red one, he covered his head with his hands so I whacked him in the knees.
     "Ow! That totally doesn't hurt!." he whined.
     I stepped up to the blue one and hit him in the stomach. "Did that hurt you?"
     "Yes" the green one said, trying to catch his breath.
     I said my goodbyes as they were clutching the parts I hit and wincing. I headed for the door to my right.
     I was sucked back into the swirling abyss and spat out on a road, a road with two paths . The first road, which led to the right was dirt-covered and led into a deep forest, in which the ground was moving, wait, no, it was covered in bugs. The second path was paved and ready, with a door already visible.
     "Welcome to the courage test." Said the voice "I think it's pretty clear what you have to do here."
     I looked at the bug-infested forest and winced, but stepped towards it until i was knee deep in insects, I trudged on for about an hour, beetles and spiders kept landing on me, and I keep brushing them off.
     I felt a rumble in the ground, the bugs started moving more frantically, and I noticed a faint light in the distance, growing larger by the second, I moved towards it, feeling fear rise up inside me and then pushing it aside.
     A few seconds later I realized the light was coming from a mouth, the mouth of the largest centipede I could ever imagine, it towered above the trees, a bright orange glow coming from it's mouth and eyes, sharp points as teeth and legs and mandibles the size of a house, three pairs of glowing eyes, a orange-glowing mouth that could easily swallow a skyscraper, if it proceeded in this direction, I would be swallowed whole.
     I was stunned with fear, and I shook my head, no, I wont give up now, I walked forwards, my legs shaking, my instincts screaming to run from the imminent danger.
     When I took my first step I realized all of the insects had cleared the path from me to it, most likely scurrying out of the way of this monstrosity, I will not do the same.
     I got closer, when I was about a mile away it saw me, and sped up, there was no escape now, I ran at it, planning to jump into the mouth.
     It reached me in seconds, I leaped it's sharp teeth edging it's mouth and dived inside, the ground was soft and wet, and also covered in bugs. I looked up, panting, and noticed the door, not to far away, hovering above the pile off bugs.
     I walked over to it and stepped up onto it with one foot, shaking a few centipedes of the other foot, I opened the door and was sucked into it spinning, all the insects that were brought in with me fell to pieces.
     I fell to the ground, which was covered in grass, in front of me was three signs with the doors behind them, one said "this door leads to the future." the other says "This door leads to death." and the third one says "This door leads to somewhere else."
     "Make sure you don't choose the wrong door, you are your conscience, if you die her, your body will be alive but you wont."
     I laughed "Why would you say that? Clearly all these doors lead to the right path! These are all things that happen naturally, if it doesn't specify a time that it will happen, it could never happen!"
     I turned the doorknob of the door that leads to death, just make my point to whatever the source of that voice was, and jumped in.
     And was spat out on a stadium, thousands of people watching, and on the opposite side of the stadium, a monster, that's the only way to describe it, it's eyes filled with fear, rage, and hatred, it had huge gashes from old fights and abuse.
     "Welcome to the test of Valor, this combines all of the previous tests into one... good luck." The voice said.
     The beast roared, a couple seconds later the winds from the blast of the roar pushed me back, I drew my sword instinctively, glanced at it, and realized that if I did what I had to, I wouldn't need it.
     The beast charged, the tremors almost knocked me over, but I managed to stand. As the beast neared, I glanced one last time at the sword before throwing it aside. the crowed gasped, and I puffed out my chest as the thing continued to charge, and stood my ground.
     The monstrosity stopped a couple yards before it reached me and skidded to a stop right before me, it's giant muzzle inches away, it growled, looking confused.
     I reached out and put my hand on it's enormous nose, it stopped growling.
     "I'm sorry." I say quietly "I'm sorry for what they did."
     It's features were overcome with a sense of peace, it's eyes closed, it laid on the ground, the beast disappeared into a fine, glistening dust, left in it's place was a door, I walked calmly towards it, the crowd looked aghast, I opened the door and stepped quietly inside.
     "Good job." the voice said.

     I woke up sweating on my bed and looked around, electric lights, real doors, no dragons, I remembered my name and my life, few.
     "Whoa, what a crazy dream." I say to myself.
And my hand rests on something sharp and metallic next to me.