... Who yearns for music

I am the one who wants the music to never end, who wants to hop a plane to Lousiana on Friday May 19 to see a new friend of mine play in another new friend's club deep deep in the bayou, a place aptly known as The Whirlybird.

I am the one who has never met a stranger I didn't want to talk to, didn't want to learn their story.

I am the one who learned how to read with the long-dead New York Herald Tribune  and who can remember the moment, a Red Smith column about the Yankess, when I realized that I could, in fact, read something from beginning to end though I knew even then that I didn't fully understand the game he was writing about.

I am the one who gets up sometimes at 5 a.m., before it is light, so that I can drink coffee and write, often losing myself between sips and discovering the coffee has grown cold. 

Note: Music is a clip from Cedric Watson and the Bijou Creole playing Pa Janvier via YouTube.

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