May 26
poem 0 comments challenge: Perfect


I found our embers
Years later,
In this muddy old pit.
It was strange,
Coming back here
After all this time.
I can still see where we all danced.
Trampling down the grass
To an imaginary beat.
Now the wind takes our place,
Swirling around and
Whispering stories of old.
I cross our old grassy haunt
And sit on that splintery log,
Where we all sat
To roast marshmallows.
The smell of melting sugar is gone
Now replaced by whiffs of fast food,
From the town below our perch.
I gazed into our rock lined pit,
A pit that we carefully tended to
And kept dry,
Which now holds  mud caused by the rain.
But I smile.
For in this sludge
Were the embers brightly lit,
Like pearls at the bottom of the ocean.
These are our embers,
From perfect summer nights spent together,
And they are never burning out.