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Writing Buddies

WHAT is a writing buddy?

A writing buddy is a friend who gives you feedback on your writing! They make comments on your drafts of work, and help you get your rough draft to a final draft. This is a person you trust, and have fun writing with!

WHY do I want one?

Not only is it fun to have a friend you can write with, but it will help improve your writing. When you have a pal you constantly write with, they can catch your writing pitfalls, and they will learn your writing style well enough to give you specific feedback. Plus, you’ll become more confident about sharing your work after sharing with a friend!

HOW does it work?

You send them a link to your draft of writing, they send you a link to their draft of writing, and you both give feedback on each other's work! It’s that easy. Remember to give a lot of positive, specific comments, and then respectfully point out areas that could be worked on. When the piece is all edited and the final draft is posted on YWP, give detailed comments on their published post! 

*Note: If your buddy is an intern or a community leader, they might have two or three buddies, so they might not be sending you work back (they'll have so much on their plates). 

WHO is my buddy?

Your buddy is… whomever! If there is someone on YWP you’re friends with, or you would be comfortable sharing work with, send them a message and ask them to be your buddy. If you can’t find a person, no worries! The YWP community leaders, and the YWP summer interns and staff, are always available to become your writing pals — just send them a message. (Note: more buddies may be added to this list soon...)

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WHERE does this happen?

First, contact your writing buddy through a private message on YWP. Once they have agreed, the two of you should mutually decide where you want the actual sharing of work and editing to take place. You two could email each other your writing, you could leave comments on the post of their draft on YWP, or you could edit your pieces on a Google Doc. Lastly, of course, post it on YWP when your writing is finished.

WHEN does this happen?

Whatever time or day you and writing buddy agree on! Remember, this isn’t school, there is no “deadline.” This should be fun. You could test out being buddies this summer by working on YWP Summer of Stories pieces together.

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