Aug 16
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Live Stream Into the YWP Party

Can't make it to the YWP Party Author Talk with Dan Gemeinhart, author of Some Kind of Courage? Don't worry! You can live stream in to ask the author all of the writing questions you want at 6:00 pm TONIGHT. 

If you can make it down here in person, that would be the BEST (we have food and comfy chairs and a writing activity) — but some of you live over two hours away. Live stream in by using the video service Blue Jeans. Click this link — — join as a guest, and choose whether or not you want video and audio or just audio for your call. 

Dan, a published author, is ready to take your questions. Hope to see you all at the YWP Office in Burlington, VT (directions HERE). If you can't make it, we hope to see you virtually. 

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