Sep 18
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    You pressed your lips against my skin, and you undressed me with your words.
You would play me like an instrument, tugging on my hair. That is how you made music out of me.
I was your refuge, and I took you in willingly.
You never went to the pharmacy for painkillers, you always came to me.
After you finished you packed up your things, I whispered “stay” as you walked away.
You always came on Sundays, only when the sky turns pink. I will be beautiful for you, never any less.   You play the record, and I dance for you.
Your stare penetrates my soul, you bite your lip.
  Every night you leave me, your voice ringing in my ears, will I ever escape?
You say I take you to an island, deserted peacefully, inside.
    Every color marked purple, brown, and red you left on my skin.
Why did you pin me against the wall like I was your favorite poster?
    I am as gullible as a fish in a lake, I get hooked, and you reel me in every time.
  You said you wanted to play pretend, I didn't know that the game is still in session.

What happened to the rose petal kisses?
You ignore my presence when you finish, You and I have had sex, but I've never made love before.
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