Sep 25

Sister's Can't Stop Loving Eachother

One ordinary day in the Mikaelson house Sarah and Elena were just hanging out together like they usually do. They never stop. They always do everything together. Sarah walked out into the living-room to ask their mom a question.

“Hey mom,are we going to our dad’s this weekend?” Sarah asked.

“As far as I know you are.” Jocelyn their mom said.

“Oh cool, thanks.” Sarah said with a good expression on her face while walking away.

 Sarah walked into the room. “Are we going this weekend?” Elena asked Sarah.

“Yeah,remember dad called mom when we got home from school.” Sarah said playfully. When Sarah was sitting down on the bed Elena saw something very unusual. Elena remembered that her and Sarah ordered some necklaces at their dad’s a couple weeks ago. She saw one of the necklaces dangling from Sarah’s neck while she sat down on the bed. “Where did you get that? I thought our necklaces didn’t come in until next week?” Elena asked like she was confused. “Yeah,one of them came in early.” Sarah said. “Oh okay,that makes sense. Let’s hope mine comes in by the end of the week.” Elena said.

It was about 9:00 at night when Elena and Sarah were supposed to be trying to fall asleep but they were having too much fun to go to bed. Until their mom heard them. “Girls are you guys up?” Their mom yelled from the other room. “Yeah,we are still hanging out.” Sarah yelled back. “Well it’s about 9:30,you girls have to go to bed.” Their mom said. “Okay, let us just clean this stuff up.” Elena yelled. They picked up the stuff they had been working on and Elena went to her room and they both went to bed.

    Elena wakes up at about 6:00 every morning and gets herself ready before she wakes up Sarah. “Alright,come on. It’s morning.” Elena said while opening the curtains of Sarah’s room. “Oh,hey. Good morning to you too.” Sarah said. “What,you got to get ready for school.” Elena said. “Okay,okay, I’m up.” Sarah said.

    Elena and Sarah both go to the same school but they weren’t in the same grade.Elena is in 9th grade and Sarah is in 8th grade but they do hang out a lot. Elena goes in the classes that Sarah has just to hang out with her sister. They’ve even made plans to go to college. As soon as Sarah graduated they would go to college together.They have the same grades.

    As soon they reached the door,they both went the opposite direction. “Bye,Sarah. I’ll see you in english.” Elena said to her sister. “See ya, Elena.” Sarah said while walking away.

    When Elena got to the gym,she met up with her best friend,Alex. “Hey Alex.” Elena said. “Hey Elena. So let me see it.” Alex was so excited about the necklace that Elena told her about. Elena had no idea what she was talking about. “Let you see what, what are you talking about?” Elena asked like she was confused. “The necklace.” Alex said. “Oh,I don’t have it yet. It hasn’t came in yet. It didn’t come in when my sisters came in.” Elena said. When they were done talking,Elena put her arm around her best friend and went to the locker room. They go into the locker room laughing. They got dressed and went back out to the gym.

    When got out to the gym bleachers,the gym teacher starts talking about what they wanted to do today. “Alright. I have a couple suggestions of what we can do today! We can do dodgeball or another scrimmage of basketball. If that’s okay with you guys.” Mr.C said to the class. Which all sounded pretty good to them. “Okay,everyone close your eyes and we are going to take a vote. How many students are here today?” Mr.C started to count how many students were in class. There were 15 students in the class. “Alright, there are 9 for basketball and there are 6 for dodgeball. Basketball it is.”  Mr.C put everyone in 2 teams and they played basketball the whole class. Then class was over.

    After Alex and Elena got upstairs they got their books and went to history. “Alright class,today we are going cover the 50’s since we have the decade dance tomorrow. Okay,get your textbooks out and get some research done. We are going to do a paper in class about the 50’s next week.” Mr.D said. Everyone in class got their textbooks out and started studying and jotting some notes down. Everyone got really engaged in their work. After that the bell rang. “Alright students leave your notes where you will be able to find them.” Mr.D said.

    They all left and Elena met up with Alex by her locker. “Alex,you want to walk to english with me?” Elena asked. “No I can’t, my class is all the way up the stairs.” Alex said in the nicest possible way she could. “Oh yeah,sorry I forgot that you don’t have english with me.” Elena said. “I’ll see you later.” Alex said. “Bye.” Elena said back.

    When Elena got to english class she sat next to her sister. “Hey Sarah.” Elena said. “Hey.” Sarah said back. The bell rang and the teacher was about to give them directions.

    “Okay class, get out what you were doing yesterday.” Ms..M said to her students. They all were working on their stories. Elena was working on a story that nobody was allowed to see until she was done. Sarah was the same way. Not even the teachers were allowed to see their work. Both Sarah and Elena were working so hard together,the teacher said that Sarah could go into Elena’s next class. She even got a pass and everything.

    “Hi,my name is Sarah.” Sarah said to the teacher when she walked into the room. “Hi, I’m Mr.S. I’m the math teacher.” The teacher said to Sarah. “Are you Elena’s sister.” Mr.S asked. “Yes, I’m her sister.” Sarah said. “I thought so. You guys seem very close.” Mr.S said.  Sarah nodded. “So what can I do for you today?” Mr.S said. “Today I have permission to come in here to work with my sister because we worked so hard in english together.” Sarah said. “Wow,that’s great. You girls must hang out a lot.” Mr.S said with excitement in his eyes. “Yeah. I’d do anything for her.” Sarah said. “Okay,why don’t you go sit over there by Elena so you guys can work together.” Mr.S said to Sarah. “Cool,great,thanks.” Sarah said while walking away.

    Sarah sat down next to her sister and smiled at her. Elena smiled back. “So today we are going to over what we did yesterday.”We are going to keep working on multiplying decimals. We are trying to go over what you guys did in 8th grade to just get it refreshed in you memories.” Mr.S said to his students. “Okay, everybody is going to work with person sitting them. Alright get to work.”

Elena got out her worksheet out but there was a little bit of a problem with Sarah. She didn’t have a paper to work on. Then she wondered ‘What do I do?” Then she thought. “Raise my hand.” She raised her hand and the teacher came over. “What’s up?” Mr.S asked. “I don’t have a paper to work on.” Sarah said. “Okay, I’ll get you one to work on.”  Mr.S said. Mr.S went back to his desk and got a piece of paper out for Sarah to work on. “Here you go.” Mr.S said.

    Elena looked over at Sarah. “You got everything so we can get started?” Elena asked. “Yeah.” Sarah said with a smile. “Okay. 17.5 x 18.7. Elena said allowed. “Well we can just multiply them together.” Sarah said. “Right. How about this?” Elena asked. “Shoot.” Sarah said. “We multiply them and check in with each other after we get our answers.” Elena said. “Sounds good to me.” Sarah said. “Let’s do it.” Elena said with her eyes wide.

    Sarah thought so hard because she knew how to do it and she was good at math. She did it her own way since she wasn’t in her own math class. Sarah thought “7x5=35. 8x7=56. And 1x1=1. Then I add all of these together. 35+56=109 and 109+1=110.” Before she could write anything down the bell rang.

    “Did you get any work down?” Mr.S asked Sarah while she was handing him her paper. “No but I did do some mental math. I didn’t have to write all of it down.” Sarah said. “That’s okay. You will have some time tomorrow.” Mr.S said with a smile on her face.” “Okay.Wait, Tomorrow?” Sarah asked like she was confused. “Yes,how would you like to come in here again tomorrow?” Mr.S said with another smile on his face. “Yeah,I would love too.” Sarah said like she was excited. “Great,I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Mr.S said while Sarah was walking out the door.

    Sarah met up with her sister by her locker. “Hey,guess what? Your teacher said he wants me to come in tomorrow to work some more.” Sarah said to her sister excitedly. “What,that’s great. I would love to work with you again.” Said Elena excitedly. “Alright, walk with me to advisory.”  Elena asked. “Yeah,come on.” Sarah said back.

    When Elena and Sarah got to their advisory,they got right to work. They worked  on anything they had to together. First they were going to work on some math but Sarah didn’t have her paper so they had to work on Elena’s paper. “Okay,did you figure this one out?” Elena asked Sarah. “Yeah but I don’t remember what I did.” Sarah said.“Okay,that’s alright. We’ll figure it out together.” Elena said.

    Elena and Sarah worked that whole 15 minutes but then the first bell rang. That meant Elena had to go to her ELO. “I have to go now. So I’ll see you later in band?” Elena asked. “Yeah,meet me by my locker and we will walk down together?” Sarah asked. “Yeah. I’ll see later.” Elena said while walking out of the room.

    Sarah was still in her advisory and she got bored reading and then she had an idea. “Mr.M,can I go get my chromebook?” Sarah asked politely. “Yes, you can go get it.” Mr.M said. Sarah loved to read and write but the writing she was doing had a little bit of a twist. She wouldn’t let anyone see it until she was done.

    After Sarah got back she started to do a little bit of writing and then the bell rang. She gathered up her things and went into the hallway. She put her things away in her locker and went to meet up with Elena.

    “Hey,you ready to go?” Sarah asked her sister. “Yeah,just let me get my phone.” Elena said. “Okay,let’s go.You seem like a happy 8th grader.” Sarah was smiling at her sister. “Yeah,I’ve altered into a happy 8th grader.” Sarah said smiling. Elena put her arm around her sister and they both went to class together.

    Elena and Sarah got into class and they took out their instruments and started playing together. “What song do you want to play?” Elena asked. “Why don’t we play ‘Ho Hey.’” Sarah said. “Let’s do it.” Elena said. They started playing and they loved to play together. They always remembered the time that they skipped english just to go and play their instruments together.

After Elena and Sarah played their instruments for a little bit the bell rang. Some classes they never have time to do anything.

“Hey, you ready to go to lunch?” Elena asked Sarah. “Yeah,let’s go. Isn’t today and tomorrow half days so we can go home after lunch?” Sarah asked. “Yeah,so we have to walk home today because the bus don’t come for the students down the road from the school.” Elena said like the idea was stupid. “Really,that’s dumb.” Sarah didn’t think it was a good idea either.

When Elena and Sarah both got to lunch,they usually are the firsts one  in line so they can get their lunches and sit down. Since today was a half day,it didn’t really matter since they were going home right after school. “Alright,you want to get lunches here or do you want to go pick up a pizza at the store?” Elena asked. “Do I really need to answer that question?” Sarah asked with a laugh. “Alright let’s go get our stuff and I will sign us both out.” Elena said.

When Elena and Sarah got upstairs,Mr.S was standing there. “What are you girls doing up here? Aren’t you supposed to be down in the lunchroom?” Mr.S asked. “Yeah but we aren’t eating here so we came to get our stuff and I am going to sign both of out.” Elena said. “Okay.Make sure you get down there because you can’t leave until the bell rings.” Mr.S said. “Okay. We understand,our lockers are right over there so we can get our stuff and go right down stairs.” Sarah said. “Alright go got your stuff. I won’t hold you here anymore.” Mr.S said with a slight smile.

Elena and Sarah got their stuff and went down to the lunchroom and sat down together. They waited for the bell to ring. They sat there and sat there then finally the bell rang and everyone was so happy to leave. Including Sarah and Elena. They loved doing work together but they only loved doing only if they got to hang out.

Elena and Sarah needed their mom to drive them to the store to get the pizza. “Hey mom,we're home.’” Elena yelled from the door. “Hey girls,I’m in the living room.” Their mom Jocelyn yelled back. They went out into the living room. “Hey mom can you bring us somewhere?” Sarah asked when they both got out to the living room. “Yeah sure,right now?” Jocelyn asked. “Yeah,if you don’t mind. We wanted to order some pizza and have a girls day, if that’s okay with you?” Elena asked. “Yeah,that’s fine. I always love seeing you girls hang out together.” Jocelyn said with a smile. “Great yay.” Sarah said while looking over at her sister with a smile. “Go get me the phone and I’ll order the pizza and I’ll have it delivered instead. This way we have it in 10 minutes. How’s domino’s pizza?” Jocelyn asked. “Sounds good to me,what about you Sarah?” Elena asked. “That’s fine.” Sarah said. Elena went to go get the phone from the kitchen and Jocelyn called for them. “What kind of pizza do you girls want?” Jocelyn asked. “Pepperoni.” Elena and Sarah both jumped and said together.

Jocelyn started dialing the number for domino’s pizza. “Hello,this is domino’s pizza, how may I help you?”  A man said through the phone. “Yes,hi,I would like to order 2 pepperoni pizza’s and I guess that will be it.” Jocelyn said. “Okay,what is your address?” The man asked Jocelyn. “234 Maple street.” Jocelyn said. “Alright,we will have that delivered in about 15 minutes .” The man said. “Great thanks.” Jocelyn said back and hung up the phone.

“Alright,you girls can go do something upstairs and I will call you down when it’s here and better yet you can bring the pizza up to your room.” Jocelyn said with another smile. “Okay but what was the second pizza for?” Elena asked with a confused look in her eyes. “Well, you want pizza again tomorrow,right?” Jocelyn asked. “And since it will be cold,I will cook it right before you guys get here and it will be like having ordered pizza again. I’ll even put it back in the box.” Jocelyn “Thanks mom.”  Elena and Sarah said while giving their mom a hug.

Elena and Sarah went upstairs and they started gathering their things for their dads tomorrow. When Sarah was done getting her stuff ready she went into Elena’s room. Sarah knocked on the door and walked in. “Hey.” Sarah said. “Hey,you all packed?” Elena asked. “Yep,what about you?” Sarah asked. “Yup,I just have to put my sweatshirt into the bag.” Elena said. And before they could do anything, the doorbell rang. Elena grabbed her money and Sarah went to go grab hers and they went downstairs.

Jocelyn opened the door and it was the pizza delivery guy. “Okay,that will be $22.40.” The man said. Before Jocelyn could pull out any money Elena pulled out 20 dollars and Sarah pulled out 20 dollars. “Here you go. Keep the change.” Elena said. “Thank you. Now you have yourselves a good afternoon.” The man said. “Thank you.” Sarah and Elena said at the same time.

“Alright,here you go girls,enjoy the pizza. You can bring it upstairs.There is ranch in the the fridge if you want it.” Jocelyn said to the girls. “Okay, we will come down and get it after.” Elena said while walking away.

“Okay,well I have to go downstairs and grab some plates and movie and some ranch so I will be right back.” Elena said to Sarah. “Okay. Hey,what movie are you grabbing?” Sarah asked. “Something that we both enjoy watching.” Elena said with a smile. “Vampire Diaries?” Sarah asked with a laugh. “Vampire Diaries.” Elena said back with a laugh.

Elena went down stairs and grabbed the plates and the ranch out of the kitchen. She also grabbed the 1st and the 2nd season of Vampire Diaries out of the living room and went back upstairs.

“Hey,you grab everything?”Sarah asked Elena while she was walking into the room. “Yeah,I got everything.” Elena said back. Elena put in one of the Vampire Diaries in the DvD player and they started having their girls afternoon.

Elena and Sarah enjoyed having their girls afternoon. They both even  decided to have another one tomorrow because tomorrow is another half. They both had two half days during the week because seniors had exams to finish. After they were done eating and watching tv,they went outside. It was going to be so fun. The garage had foosball and darts and it even had a pool table. According to Elena she was the foosball champion. Sarah could never beat her.

“Hey what do you want to play first, foosball or pool?” Elena asked. Elena was hoping was hoping that Sarah would say foosball but she didn’t. “What do I think? I want to pool,you always beat me at foosball.” Sarah said like she was mad but she wasn’t. “Okay fine. I really hope you would say foosball because I love beating you at things.” Elena said with a laugh. “Ah,you're mean.” Sarah said with a smile. “Hey,nobody said I was nice.” Elena said. “Uh,ain’t that the truth.” Sarah said. “Ah,look who’s not being nice anymore.” Elena said. “Funny.” Sarah said.

After that Sarah and Elena played some pool and they went back inside and they went to go get ready for bed. They both went into Elena’s room and watch some more Vampire Diaries. They had so much fun that day they couldn’t wait to have another girls afternoon the next day.

Elena woke and she couldn’t believe it,it was morning. Since they were both in the same room all night,it was just as easy to wake up Sarah before she did anything herself. “Alright,wake up,sleepyhead.” Elena said. “Okay,alright,I’m up.” Sarah said back with a fuss in her voice. After Sarah woke up she went back in her room and got ready for school. They were going to walk to school again today,

“Hey, you ready to go?” Sarah asked while walking into Elena’s room. “Yeah,let’s go.” Elena said back. After they got down stairs their mom wasn’t wasn’t even up yet so they had to leave a note before they left. They left a note and went to school.

Elena and Sarah got to school and both of them went opposite directions. “Bye Sarah, I’ll see you in English.” Elena said to her sister. “Bye Elena,see you later.” Sarah said.

Elena went to go to Alex and Sarah went to go see her best friend Lucy. Elena met up with Alex in P.E and Sarah met up with Lucy in the art room.

“Hey Sarah,what are you doing here? I thought you took woodshop?” Lucy asked. “Well today I asked the woodshop teacher if I could spend some time with my best friend.” Sarah said with a smile. “Well what are we waiting for?” Lucy asked with a laugh. “I don’t know,let’s go.” Sarah said with the same expression. Everyday they never get to hang out because they were in different classes. They did their class work and the bell rang.

Sarah and Elena met up in the hallway and they walked together to the next class. “Hey Sarah,walk with me to class?” Elena asked while walking down the hallway. “Hi,yeah let’s go.” Sarah said back. “Get your stuff and meet me by my locker.” When they both got upstairs,they both went to their lockers.

Elena and Sarah and got their stuff and went to English together. Mr.P was waiting by the door to welcome his students in. “Hey Mr.P.” Elena said while walking in. “Hey Elena,you ready to work?” Mr.P asked with a smile. “Yeah,we both are.” Elena said with the same expression as Mr.P had. “Alright,come in,take your seats and wait for directions.” Mr.P said with another smile. When they got into the classroom there were different students because because every other day there would be different students.

“Alright,get what you were working on on Wednesday and start working on it but I want to know where everyone is. When you guys are working I will come around and find out where everyone is.” Mr.P said allowed. When Elena and Sarah got to work,they were working they whole time. They were working on their quotes for their project. The whole class was supposed to pick a partner and pick  a movie. They were supposed to take as many quotes as they could and do some calligraphy writing. Then after they worked that whole class the bell rang.

Elena and Sarah walked out of class together and they went to their lockers to get their stuff for the next class. “Hey,you ready for math?” Sarah asked Elena. “Yeah,let’s go.” Elena said.

When Elena and Sarah got to the math room Mr.S was waiting also waiting by the door his students into his classroom. “Hey,you girls ready to work on some math?” Mr.S asked Elena and Sarah. “Yeah,we’re ready.” Elena said.

Elena and Sarah got into the classroom and took their seats. Then the bell rang and Mr.S starting telling them what they were doing today, “Okay,I’m going to hand out your packets from yesterday.” Mr.S said to the class. They started working in partners just like they did yesterday.

“Do you want to do what we did yesterday?” Elena asked Sarah. “Sure.” Sarah said.

Sarah was thinking so hard she figured it out and she wanted to check if it was right. She checked it with Elena. “Elena, I am going to tell you what I did to figure this out. I wanted to check in with you to see if I got it right.” Sarah said. “Yeah,that’s fine.” Elena said. What did you get, tell me what you did.” Sarah told Elena what she did and she got it right. Then the bell rang. Sarah went to go ask if she could take to advisory to work on it. “Hey Mr.S is it okay if I take this advisory and hand it in after the weekend?” Sarah asked with a polite voice. “Yeah,that’s fine.” Mr.s said. “Thanks you.” Sarah said.

When Sarah got out to the hallway she met up with Elena. “Hey,you want to walk with me to advisory with me?” Elena asked. “Yeah sure,let’s go.” Sarah said back. When they got to advisory and took their seats,Sarah pulled out her math packet out and started to work on it. Then when she was done with that she took out her computer and started working on her story. Then the bell rang. “I have to go now,” Elena said. “But I will meet you by your locker when I got my stuff ready to go home.” “Yeah sounds good.” Sarah said. “Okay,then I will see you later.” Elena said. “Bye.” Sarah said waving.

Sarah looked dull and sad. She was upset and she knew why too. She did something bad and she lied about it. she hasn’t been talking about and left it alone. Just to get it off her mind she just kept working on her story.Then the bell rang. That felt like a short 20 minutes to Sarah.

When Sarah got out to the hallway she waved to Elena and went to her locker and got her stuff ready to go home.

“Hey, you ready to go?” Sarah asked. “Yeah,just let me put my lock back on.” Elena said. “Okay,let’s go.” They went downstairs to the lunchroom. It was the last half day so they got to skip their elective.

Elena and Sarah both waited and waited and finally the bell rang. They all jumped and went out to the lobby. They all signed out and went out the door and walked home.

When Elena and Sarah got home something smelled good to them. “Hey mom,we’re home.” Sarah yelled. “Hey girls,I’m in the kitchen.” Jocelyn their mother yelled back. “Mmmm,what smells good?” Elena asked when she walked into the kitchen. “Your girls day afternoon lunch that you guys can take up to your room again.” Jocelyn said with a smile. When the girls heard that they both looked at each other and smiled. “Is it done?” Sarah asked. “Yup,I told you girls that it would be done when you got home. Everything is in it. The ranch too.” Jocelyn said. “Okay,let’s go the movies and go eat,” Elena said.

When Elena and Sarah got done eating they sat there on the bed and just kept watching Vampire Diaries until their dad came to pick them up. Elena almost fell asleep until Sarah saw that she was to quiet. “Hey,wake up.” Sarah said. “What happened?” elena asked while she was half asleep. “You fell asleep. Dad is going to be here in about an hour so we have to stay awake,okay.” Sarah said. “And besides it’s our favorite part of the show.” “Okay,I’ll try.” Elena said while stretching. When they started watching their favorite part, the doorbell rang so they couldn’t finish it.

“Hey,I’ll yell to the girls.” Jocelyn said to the girl's father Luke. “Okay,they can take however long they need but we have to go hannafords.” Luke said.

“Okay,girls your father's here.” Jocelyn yelled. “Okay,we’ll be right down.” Sarah yelled back.

Sarah and Elena went and gathered their stuff and went downstairs. “Hey girls.” Luke said to his daughters. “Hey dad.” They both said at the same time. “I love you mom.” They also said at the time again while giving their mom a hug good-bye.

After that they walked out the door. “Okay,who wants to sit in the front?” Luke asked. “Me!” The girls both blurted out. “Well it’s your girls lucky day because there is no back seat so you both can sit in the front.” Luke said with a smile.

When Elena,Sarah, and Luke got to hannaford they had to figure out what they wanted for dinner. “Okay girls,what do you want for dinner?” Luke asked. “I don’t know what do you want for dinner,Sarah?” Elena asked. “Well I think I know as well as you do, so what about grinders?” Sarah said. “Bingo.” Elena said. “Dad,we know what we want.” “Oh yeah,what’s that?” Luke asked. “Grinders!” Sarah said. “Grinders it is.” Luke said.

Elena,Sarah,and Luke got the stuff to make grinders with and they went to the house. “Okay,we are in the house,go get your pajamas on while I get our dinner done.” Luke said. When Elena got into the bathroom to change she remembered that she saw the necklace that she needed to ask about.

    “Hey dad,did my necklace come in yet?” Elena asked. “Yeah it came in last weekend when you were at a friends house. I thought I told your sister to tell you.” Luke said back like he was confused.

    When Sarah got out to the living-room she saw that both her dad and her sister were staring at her. “What going on?” Sarah asked. “Okay let me ask you something. Will you tell me the truth?” Elena said like she was mad. “Yeah, I will tell you the truth. You know that.” Sarah said back. “Okay,another question. Did you tell me the truth the other day?” Elena asked. She got angry. “What do you mean,about what?” Sarah asked. “I think you know what about. Now tell me the truth. Did you lie to me?” Elena asked like she was more angry. “Yes.” Sarah said like she was upset with herself. Elena started  going after her sister. “You know how much  you mean to me!” Elena said while crying after her dad pulled her back away from Sarah. “I’m sorry but I did it for me.” Sarah said while she was crying as well. “You said you would always tell me the truth. That was a lie too. And I never want to talk or look or do anything with you ever again. You're a liar.” Elena said while walking away. “Elena?” Luke said while Elena kept walking away.

    After Elena went into her room Sarah and her dad started talking about it. “Why? Why would you do that to her?” Luke asked Sarah. “Because she’s the oldest and she gets anything she wants. So I lied and I thought if I took it I thought that it would change.” Sarah said while crying some more. “Well that was the wrong idea, So you have to apologise. I don’t think that she will accept it but it’s still the right thing to do.” Luke said.

    “Hey,can I come in?” Elena said no answer. “Please, I want to apologise for what I did. It was wrong.” Sarah said. Then Elena got up and opened the door. “Well I don’t believe you. For what you did to me. No way.” Elena said like she was mad. “Let me explain, please.” Sarah said like she was sad. “Let me do that for you. First you lie to me when you promised you would never do that to me. And secondly you stole from me. And now that you stole it,I want it.”Elena said. “Fine,you want it. Here take it. I wanted to give it to you and I was going to tell you the truth just not right away.” Sarah said. “I don’t want to you to be in my life anymore. The most thing that I am angry about is that you lied to me. I’m upset that you stole from me but mostly angry at you for lying to me. Now get out of my room.” Elena said angrily. “Get out!” “Fine I will get out but when you want someone to hang out with someone remember what you said to me earlier. Because after that I don’t want you in my life either.” Sarah said while walking away.

    Sarah walked out crying and Elena started crying too. They both never wanted this to happen. They have never fought. They had never made mistake he in their lives because that was what they needed,was each other.

    Elena wrote in her journal of what she thought about. “Dear diary, In the beginning it was great. I got everything that I needed. My sister and this at was it but in the end everything started to change. Every single day I walk into school with the one person I need the most. I never thought I would say “I want you out of my life.” To the person I need the most. I never thought that we would ever get into a fight. We always have been so close but we never thought it would go this far. Everything went downhill when she lied to me and stole from me. I honestly thought we would be friends forever but in the end I guess that it was never meant to be. In the end you know that some people were never meant to be friends forever.”

“Elena it’s dinner.” Her dad yelled to her. “Okay,I’ll be right out.” Elena yelled back.   Elena went out into the kitchen.

“Hey,can I eat in my room,I don’t want to be here.” Elena said looking at her sister. “No,you are going to sit at the table with us and we are going to talk about this.” Luke said. They needed to talk about it because Elena and Sarah hadn’t been talking since the fight that they had when they got into the house.

Elena,Sarah, and Luke all sat down at the table and started eating and talking. “Okay,we can work this out.” “I don’t want to talk about it.” Elena blurted. “Why not? I know that both of you girls did not know what you girls said to each other earlier.” Luke said with a depressed voice. “I’m angry at her. You want to know why? She lied to me and stole from me. And the most thing that I am mad about out of those two problems is that she lied to me.” Elena said with an angry voice. “And she will not tell me why and I know that you know why,Dad. And you want her to tell me.” Everything was happening so fast. Elena couldn’t get words after she said that.

When Elena was done eating she went back to her room to watch Vampire Diaries. Elena and Sarah never watched it without each other. This would be the first time. Elena felt bad for it but she was also angry at her sister so she did anyway. She stayed up all night. That she had never done unless it was with her sister.

Then it came the morning. Her sister and her dad was up. “Hey, what’s for breakfast?” Elena asked. “I’m going to make some breakfast in a minute.” Luke her dad said. “We were waiting for you to get up so we could eat.” Elena didn’t really want to eat with her sister but she didn’t have a choice.

They all sat down and their dad starting talking to both of them. “When are you girls going to start talking again?” Luke asked. “When she starts telling the truth.” Elena blurted out. “Elena.” Luke said. “Don’t do that.” “What am I supposed to say? That I am ready to talk? Well guess what I’m not and I never will be.” Elena said. Sarah didn’t say anything the whole breakfast because she was so upset with herself for what she did.

What happened that morning after breakfast,Sarah went to her room to write in her journal. “Dear diary, For years I spent time with the one person I need the most and I can’t believe it. I ruined that bond with that person. My own sister told me that she doesn’t want me that she doesn’t want to talk to me,look at me or even think about me. She hates me. And honestly I hate myself for what I did. I had my own reasons at the time for why I did it. But I don’t know why I felt that way. I mean I have more problems than my sister. I don’t know why I have to feel this way. I don’t know why I feel so scared. So lost.” Sarah kept writing till her heart contented.

Elena and Sarah would not talk all afternoon and all night. Elena and Sarah stayed up all night watching Vampire Diaries without each other. They were also thinking about what happened on the night before when they got to their dads.

That morning they wouldn’t talk to each other either. When Elena and Sarah woke up,they ate breakfast and they had to get dressed to go home. They had to go to school tomorrow and they didn’t know if they were going to talk. It was about 12:00  and they had 3 hours until they had to go back home. They weren’t talking then either.

When Elena and sarah got to their mom’s house,they gave their dad a hug good-bye and went inside. “Hey,girls how was your weekend?” Their mom asked when they walked in the door. “Fine.” Sarah and Elena said at the same time and they both went upstairs to their room. Their mom had a confused look on her face when they went upstairs. “Hey girls.” Jocelyn asked. “Yeah.” They both said at the same time again. “I just wanted to know what you girls wanted for dinner.” Jocelyn said. “I don’t care.” Elena said while walking away. “Me neither.” Sarah also said while walking away. “Is everything okay?” Jocelyn asked both of them but Sarah got in before she could say anything. “Yeah everything’s great.” Elena said.

When Elena and Sarah got into their rooms they watched Vampire Diaries again and they weren’t talking to each other. They were so mad at each other. Sarah went to bed without eating dinner and Elena was up 8:00. She got hungry and she went down stairs to get some pizza from Friday.She thought the best part of having leftover pizza,she had it cold. After a couple hours it was about 12:00 at night and she got tired so she went to bed.

It became morning and Sarah and Elena were still not talking. They both got ready and went to school. They took the first step into the school and they didn’t even  say goodbye to each other. They both went to different classes.

“Elena,” Alex yelled from the gym door. Alex waved her hand to tell to tell Elena to go over to her. “Hey,you okay?” Alex asked. “No,my sister and we haven’t been talking to each other.” Elena said. “What happened?” Alex asked. “She lied to me and she stole from me.” Elena said. “What are you talking about?” Alex asked. “Remember the necklace I told you about? She lied to me that it came in and when  it came in she took it.” Elena said. “Oh wow. How long have you not been talking?” Alex asked. “All weekend.” Elena said. Then after they talked,the bell rang.

Alex and Elena hung out all gym class. It was a free day so the gym teacher didn’t really care about what they did. After class they went upstairs. They got their stuff and Elena went into her original class because she didn’t want to be with her sister.

When Elena got into class she sat down in her seat and class started. The whole class was learning about the 50’s but this week they had to work on their project. When Elena was done with the first slide then the bell rang.

When the bell rang Elena went out to her locker and got her stuff for her next class. She only had a few minutes and she was going to be late. Everyone was in class but she saw Sarah on the stairs. Sarah was crying. They both looked at each other for a few minutes but then Elena walked away because she was still mad and upset. She went into her own english class.

When Elena walked away she couldn’t think about anything. She couldn’t think about work or even what happened between them.

When Elena got into the classroom and sat down and started working on her work. She couldn’t think,she couldn’t work,she couldn’t even speak without crying. She asked if she could be excused she was.

When Elena got out there Sarah was still sitting there crying. “Hey,are you okay?”  got Elena asked her sister.”No,look I’m sorry for what I did?” Sarah said back. “Hey,I know you are. But there is one thing I need from you the most.” Elena said. “And what’s that?” Sarah asked back. “The truth.I just need you to tell me why you did it.I need to know why you would do that to me.” Elena said. “I thought you got everything you wanted because you were older. But I wrong. And if I thought that if I took that necklace I thought that it ., would change.” Sarah said. “Why would you think that? I don’t get everything I want. If I get something,you get something. You know that.” Elena said. “And my question is. Have I lost you forever?” Sarah asked. “Hey,you are my sister and I love you but the answer is you have lost me forever.” Elena said. Elena got up and walked back to class.

When Elena got back into class she started crying and she felt bad for what she said. she thought that she did the right thing but she didn’t and she knows that. . She didn’t didn’t do any work and the bell rang. She got up and gave the teacher her paper with a note on it,saying sorry for why she didn’t work.

Elena got out to the hallway Sarah was still sitting there. Then the bell rang. When the bell rang Elena put her stuff in her locker and didn’t get anything out of her locker. There was Sarah still crying and Elena didn’t blame her. When Elena saw her crying she felt bad. Sarah got up and started staring at each other. When they saw each other Elena started walking towards each other. They starting hugging and it felt good to hug each other. “Elena,I’m so…” Elena cut Sarah off. “Hey,stop. I forgive you for everything that you have done. I can’t go the rest of my life without the one person I need the most. And I need you. The other day when I said I didn’t want you in my life. I didn’t mean that.” Elena started crying again. “I know. I didn’t mean anything that I said either. I’m sorry too.” Sarah said. “Come on,let’s go have some fun. Skip the rest of classes today.” Elena said with a smile. “Where do you want to go?” Sarah asked. “The one place that we love the most.” Elena said.

When Elena and Sarah were done talking they weren’t ignoring each other anymore. They were getting along again The bond was back. And in the end you realized that bond with that one person you need the most was never gone.