Oct 05

End of the day


As the day draws to a close
I look up at the sky
It is dimming as if saying goodnight
I want the hazy midday clouds to stay
But they have other places to be
I sigh and relax
The last few rays of sunlight caught in my face
Another of the billion days
This earth has experienced
Sllllllooooooowwwwwwllllllly dying out
Every living thing knows it is time for rest
For recuperation and sleep
And when they wake up, another day will treat them
With the same surprises and adventures as this one
But it isn't quite over
The birds chirp for another hour or so
Preparing their well-seasoned dinners
And when the first star peeks out
The rest follow suit
slowly blinking on
Like old, worn-out lightbulbs
The moon gets high
Its peacefulness lulling creatures to sleep
Down into the depth of untamed dreams
As their bodies prepare
For tomorrow...