Oct 06
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The house at the end of the road

The porch swing creaks as Lily, (my best friend) and I swing back and forth. The autumn air is cool and has just a hint of wood smoke in it. I inhale deeply, “ Ahhhh I love fall,” I say as we swing higher and higher. I reach my toes out and try to touch the bright reds and oranges of the fall leaves. Suddenly Lily jumps off the swing and runs down the driveway. “Where are you going?” I yell as I watch her turn onto the dirt road. “You’ll see, follow me!” Lily yells. I sprint by houses lined with big pumpkins, fake spider webs and festive lights ready for Halloween. Finally Lily stops at the very end of my road. My road is a dead end and at the very end of the road set far back behind two huge oak trees is a house. But it’s not just any house it's the creepiest house in town. Old Mrs. Durphy who lives down the street says that even when she was a girl that house was there and nobody knows when it was built and no one has seen anyone come out of it, ever. How creepy is that! “What are we doing here?” I ask shuddering. 
“ So, you know how nobody has ever been in that house before?” 
“Ya…” I say getting a bad feeling in my stomach. 
“ We should be the first!!” Lily declared 
“ No way! Are you crazy?! Do you know how many people have tried and failed! And besides it's Friday October 13th that is like the most unlucky day ever!!!!!!!!” 
“ I know perfect right!” Lily said bouncing up and down!!!  
“ No.” I said firmly
“Awwwwwwww c’mon Brianna, don't be such a baby!” 
 Lily said using my full name - which she knows I hate.
“ I’m not a baby!!!!!!!!!” I protest
“Then prove it!” Lily said 
“ Fine but only because I'm not a baby!” 
Lily skipped towards the front steps and I timidly followed behind her. Slowly we begin making our way up. Creeeeeeak the steps moaned under our weight. We reached the front door I reached for the doorknob, it felt cool under my fingers. I slowly turned it and pushed the door open. Lily and I tiptoed in the door slammed behind us we both jump. 
“ Well I guess there's no going back now.” Lily said with a nervous laugh. 
I look around we are in some kind of front hallway it looks like someplace straight out of the Harry Potter books. Right in front of us is a huge spiral staircase the steps have a carpet on them that I think used to be red but now it was just a dusty brown. You could tell this used to be a very grand house. Lily pointed up “let's go upstairs” she whispered. I just nodded there was no way that I was going to talk in a place as creepy as this. We started tiptoeing up the stairs I ran my hand along the banister surprisingly the wood felt smooth and polished as if someone had just sanded it. We reached the top of the stairs and a delicious smell meets my nose it smells like cinnamon and apples- two of my favorite things! 
“mmmmmmm it smells like green skittles” Lily whispered which I know is her all time favorite food. “ That's weird,” I say forgetting to talk quietly “ it smells like apples and cinnamon.” It’s like the smell put us in some kind of weird trance we both were drawn towards a bright cherry red door where the smell seemed to be coming from. I put my hand on the doorknob and slowly pushed open the door. Inside there is a huge kitchen that is cluttered but inviting. There is a big wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. Then there is a counter top all around. Inside there is so much to see and the smell is now even more overwhelming that I almost did not notice that there was someone in the kitchen. Almost. She was a very small elderly lady. She had pure white hair and it hung all around her like a cape. She had a kind face that wrinkled when she smiled and she had bright green eyes. She was wearing an apron and looked like she was someone's grandmother. She looked as though she had been expecting us- not at all surprised to see us. “ Come sit down” she said with a voice like honey. Obediently Lily and I sat down at the kitchen table. Next thing I know she is holding a spoon full of some bright orange liquid to my lips. Not thinking twice I open my mouth and she puts it in. The most delicious taste enters my mouth it’s warm and it tastes like apples, cinnamon, chocolate, and honey all mixed together. Immediately I feel full and drowsy and I fall into a very deep sleep.