Oct 27
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December Baseball

Baseball on Christmas Eve is not something that usually comes to people's minds. But anything can happen in the hottest year recorded. I was excited when I received the email to go play a pickup baseball game on Christmas Eve. When I left my house that morning I didn’t leave with a coat and snow pants. I left with a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants, which was suiting for the 48 degree weather. I stopped to get a fresh fluffy bagel, and a Minute Maid orange juice on the way. When I got to the park I could already see people warming up. I immediately picked up a bat and took my first swing in almost three months. The game started shortly after that, nobody needed much time to get ready. When I stepped up to the plate, everything felt so strange. Normally I would be sitting on the couch in my pajamas, but instead I was playing baseball with all of my friends. When the first pitch came I zoned in, my bat popped from the loaded position and I unleashed my hips and arms like a cracking whip. Unfortunately I just missed the ball along with the two pitches to follow ending in me inevitably walking back to the dugout feeling bummed. As the day continued it turned out to be a great day and I had a lot of fun.
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