Oct 31
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Sled Crash

Last winter on the perfect winter day, when I was sledding with my bros(friends) we wiped out. It all started when we were going down the hill on the tube and then the zooming sled started to tip over. I lost my grip on the handles and fell off and I was being dragged through the snow with my head under the sled. And as that was happening I was kind of babbling. There was a wicked whooshing sound as I felt the grass brush on my face, and the cold of the snow. And then finally the sled flipped and I was laying flat on my stomach and I caught a glimpse of my friends laying on their stomachs and I think some snow got in my eyes because I couldn't see clearly. And then I got up and picked up the sled. Then one of my friends said we could’ve been knocked out. And it felt like I had scars because it just felt that way I kinda had a little bit of pain. So when we got up the hill I asked my dad if I had scars on my face but he said no. And after the he said that he asked why then I said I just feels that way.
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