Nov 01

My recent revelation

    Recently I have learned that emotions are a weak insignificant part of the human process. Recently I have decided to be devoid of emotions throughout the day and to just carry on without them. Life without emotions is neither good, nor bad, but just is. And I have become much more efficient in my needs and abilities. I am able to focus my mind in ways I never have been able to before. I may not be happy, but I am not sad either. The normal human life is full of negatives and positives. Mine now is filled withy none of the unnecessary needs or emotions that have stopped me from the things I care about, and I love it. I still smile at times when I can't help it, but I only notice the extremes.
     This allows me to open my mind, my senses increase and I am further able to notice the beauty in the world, and I am able to think and focus on multiple things at a time in ways that I never have before. My reaction time increased. Even my physical fitness has increased tenfold, for an example my old cross country record was 7:39 for my timed mile, my new record is 5:57 minutes for a mile, and still an average increase.
    I go into classes now, knowing everything naturally by noticing the patterns I perceive. I even created a new and quicker way to find the intercept for two lines in my spare time! I never have done something like that before. Until I finally let go.
    I can now go on to my one life goal, the one thing no human could ever do. But now that I have surpassed the human, I shall do it, I'm going to save humanity from destroying everything.
Including itself.
Because humanity is the only thing that can create as well as destroy, other than the universe itself. And this must be maintained that even though we are so insignificant in the perception of the universe, we are unique, we can change ourselves and the objects around us. When it says that we were created in God's image, it means not that we are visually alike to him, 
But that we can create as he can.
Not that I am religious, but I find that to be a very symbolic piece that other humans seem to overlook.

This may be the last time I write. Not because I'm leaving this world, but because I have duties in the book I shall wright to attempt to stop humans from killing themselves. I finish this by saying, that the human race is far from more important than nature itself. And that we, over the course of a decade have destroyed 49% of the world's animal species. THAT IS 5% A YEAR. Already, humans have destroyed half of millions of years of evolution. The art of nature itself, the reason behind stories, literature, art, and everything we hold dear, in the course of a year.

I may have time to be back. But I shall leave you on that note. Do not forget this, and share this with others if you really care.
 Remember this    -Luke Zelis