Nov 06
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i wonder why

I was at school and i was playing around and some of my friends got a little to physical and the teacher saw them trying to get hit each other, so the teacher yelled and they ran away and they were hiding which made the situation even worse and later they got caught and they got suspended before i hit adult hood i was truble maker i would never listen to anyone my parents worked so hard to get me a normal childhood and the way i repaid them i worked my tail of to make them feel like king and queens , i wonder if i will be in the nfl playing pro ball, with the big dogs... this was 2017 i´m going to tell you how my story goes, my name is Maxime kelly makuza and i play football in the NFL i play for the new england patriots we have won 7 super bowls but this year have been going through some difficult issues i wonder how we are going to get out of the problem  

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