Nov 06
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Saved by Light

Saved by Light

Bars, bars of which I have not put myself behind
Skin, with bumps that tower over the skin, as if taunting it
Eyes, the color of ice, always with another pair glancing back,

Betrayal, as in what I felt when the person I thought I knew best
put me here, abandoned

Loneliness, the feeling I feel every waking hour of every day
Labor, as in what I do to pay for what I have been accused of
Chains, cold metal made for grieving folk, isolated

Then the switch went off.

I am shining, thriving, and persistently doing so
There is nothing they can do to make me stop

Annoyance, as in what they feel when I continue

Wait, a light, shining bright through a small crack in the concrete,
a flaw in the containment of innocent me

Pulling, closer…dreaming
In the cell, I hang from wrists, from chains, while darkness holds me in his cold hands
Silence, then beams of light, real this time, penetrate through the walls
Light itself has rescued me from the dark, my meaningless time here is done,

I am released, free.
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