Nov 10
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The, the diner, the general store, the center of community. This is only spot in town that you can be sure to find a group of old timers talking about, the mud, how deep the frost line is  who was logging where or their favorite subject of all weather each of them having there own perdiction based off of their memories of years past. I sit by the counter and order, my favorite, a breakfast sandwich. As I wait, I think about the dinner or store, depending on whether you were looking for some limited groceries that they stocked or a sandwich, burger or coffee. As I sit waiting, for a minute everything comes into a deeper focus, it is almost like my consciousness has slipped out of my body and is just observing and thinking. I think about what a vital part of the community, in a small town, a general store and diner is. It pulls such a wide variety of people in and provides platform to interact something that is extremely rare in today's society. I think about the number of people who have come through the door, it must have been a impressive number by the tell tale worn floorboard by the door, the result of hundreds of thousand of feet passing over. I think about how small diners that also serve as general stores have become a prodigy in the rest of the country. The waiter comes over with my food and I snap out of my daze and excitedly devoured my sandwich, still thinking about the peculiarity of Vermont diners and general stores.