Nov 11

The Child of My Imagination

I fed her a rainbow of fruits and Starbursts and Lucky Charms in the hope she would take those bountiful colors and weave me a new tapestry of life - I bathed her in rosewater and lilac perfume and pink bubble bath wishing her to grow up sweet and strong - I handed her crayons and markers and buckets of fingerpaint dreaming of maps she would draw me to places unknown - I took her to the park where she climbed over swingsets and slides and merri-go-rounds seeing her run free and unburdened by my pains - I tucked her in under rose-patterned sheets, encased her in teddy bear pajamas, reading mountains of fairytales, imagining the tales she could create in her dreams - Too much time did pass and I'm still waiting for her to take flight #cow2017