Nov 12

Printing Poem

We rub the fabric

with flat pieces of wood

until the thick, black ink sticks to the fabric,

and makes a print.
We peel the fabric of the linoleum,

to see our creation,

and what we have to improve.
Is it inked too much?

Is it inked too little?

Do you need to rub harder?

Do you need to rub less?
Then, the prints are moved

upstairs, to be painted.

Bright red, gold, cool blue, and

my favorite, so-called ubiquitous blue.
You paint into a part where there is supposed to be

a different color.
You have too much paint on the brush, so it is the wrong shade

of whatever color you're painting. And then, after three hours,

you're finally done. You get to go home.

Do whatever you want. Then

next Thursday, you come back

to do more. Constant and repeating. A circle of printing.